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Jan 1, 2014 12:25 AM

What Lake do you live by & eat near?

In the Midwest there's some great Food & a good amount of it could also come out of its Lakes. Obviously Lake Erie has some stellar Perch & especially Walleye readily available. I love a good Fish fry & they're all around Cleveland & the Midwest as a whole. Lake Erie mainly surrounding the wonderful State of Ohio is definitely my pick for premier cuisine. What Lake's got a hook in you no pun intended.

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  1. Lake perch from Lake Michigan. Now on the Wisconsin side.

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      What other types of Fish do they have in there? Do they got Walleye or other things around?

    2. Live three blocks from Lake St Clair. Its a perch and bass hotbed. Eat the perch fished from it only infrequently.

      Will readily eat perch & walleye taken from Lake Huron. Will eat Lake Superior Whitefish when visiting the UP or northern lower MI. Lake Michigan Salmon? Meh.

      1. I had a L. Erie perch sandwich at Schmucker's in Toledo last year.
        It was a frozen, prebreaded filet but man it was tasty. Glad to see we're becoming more and more able to enjoy ALL the lakes have to offer. Not just boating and viewing.


        1. Here in Marquette (in the U.P. of MI) I eat fresh whitefish from Lake Superior. It's really good at the Vierling Restaurant and Brewery - from the back window you can see the fishhouse where the fish is processed.

          1. Given our Board name, I love the idea of this post! Most often, however, I eat canned tuna from Italy.

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              Why don't you just go there & try it fresh some time? Get the overall experience if you got enough cash, right?