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Jan 1, 2014 12:00 AM

Eating some good, fresh Pretzels.

Is there a certain brand or type of Pretzels that you enjoy the most? Maybe you even make them yourself, right? Well, of course there's Soft, Rods, Sticks, Twists, Filled (Peanut Butter or Chocolate), Squared, Goldfish & many other kinds. That said, which one(s) do you prefer the most?

Yesterday I was having some tasty Pretzel Rods, while at this time I was munching down some Goldfish. A couple weeks ago I was having some Peanut Butter Filled Pretzels too. I've enjoyed all of those this past Month & I kind of got a Soft Pretzel on my mind right now too. Oh well.

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  1. Having spent the first 50 years of my life living in Philadelphia, I'm hooked for life, on those traditional Philly soft pretzels. I had at least one every day growing up. As an adult I had them at least once weekly. Never got tired of the flavor. They are always a treat. Miss them now that I'm in Florida. I take a trip back yearly to enjoy soft pretzels, steak sandwiches, butter cake, sticky buns.... OH, and also my family too.

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      No place like Home, but damn, you really ate one of those every day?

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        When we have catered breakfast meetings at work, out-of-town vendors are always suprised that the tray contains bagels, pastries and soft pretzels (with mutard on the side of course). Yeah, native Philadelphians will eat them at every meal. Not sure what schools are serving now, but as a kid every school sold soft pretzels every day.

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          You must not be from Philly. Soft pretzels are sold everywhere. In schools, corner Mom & Pop stores, delis, convenience stores, theaters, hospitals, bars, some banks and are sold by vendors on streets. I worked at a nursing home & they were brought in daily to be sold in the lobby for employees, visitors & the patients. Sales are so brisk, they are often still warm when you buy them. So delicious.

          1. re: i_am_Lois

            Pretzels and Water Ice what else does a growing boy/girl really need? Its true they are everywhere - Furfari's is right down the street from me - people still buy crates of them and sell them fresh by hand carts in the neighborhood. A definite Philly staple. As a native NYer I am almost won over but I still do love the NYC street vendor pretzel - minor differences but not the same thing.

      2. I am a diehard salt lover and huge fan of all pretzels. Specifically:
        -Rold gold pretzel sticks (the thin ones)
        - rold gold honey wheat pretzel twists
        - everything flavor pretzel crisps (perfect for scooping hummus)
        - the fresh pretzel rolls in the bread basket at DBGB

        I love fresh pretzels yet have only been to philly a few times, sadly the nyc street pretzels are horrible

        1. I love pretzels of all kinds but am partial to baldies (so hard to find now) and soft pretzel rolls from a bakery that knows what they are doing.

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            They have those Soft Pretzels that you can make for yourself, therefore leaving off the salt packet if you choose.

          2. I love a good Philly pretzel as well as Snyder's pretzel nuggets.

            1. I really miss Mr. Salty Pretzel Stix. The Meijer grocery chain carried something called skinny stix or similar for awhile, but I can't find them anymore. I like the little thin ones. I also enjoy the thick crunchy Hanover hard pretzels, and love most soft pretzels.

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