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Korean BBQ

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Where can I get Korean BBQ? We'd like to cook at the table and have yummy banchan. I was looking at Korean garden in Allston. I don't mind Chinatown, but sometimes it's just not feasible. Allston, Brighton, Cambridge....even somewhere like Burlington, Dedham,natick....

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    1. Nowhere in MA is particularly great, but there are many options for OK KBBQ. Korean Garden's not a bad choice.

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        Agreed that NONE in MA would even rate very good in my book. I don't know of any that actually use charcoal.

      2. Chung Ki Wa in Medford Square lets you cook at the table. It's been there a long time and although I am no expert I think it is pretty good. I have often seen Koreans eating there.

        1. New Jang Su, Cambridge St (rt 3A) in Burlington

          1. New Jang Su in Burlington is very good, if that's near you. The only place I like to go, without spending a fortune at Koreana, is Korean Garden. BBQ-on-table (gas), good jap-chae, and LOTS of banchan. That's one of my sticking points- many of the bbq places in the Boston area skimp on the banchan, which to me are a major factor in the experience. Caveat for Korean Garden is- you'll leave smelling like food.

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              Another plus for New Jang Su.

              If you're at all interested in cooking Korean at home, swing by the H-Mart while you're in the neighborhood. They sell sliced meats and they also have an extensive banchan selection in the back corner past the food court, along with assorted pancakes, etc.

            2. Has anyone been to Dabin in Lexington? How is the Korean BBQ there?

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                Not terrible, not great. The grill surfaces are quite small, and don't heat evenly. I think New Jang Su is much better. That said, Dabin has pretty good panchan, not bad other dishes, and passible sushi.