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Dec 31, 2013 04:50 PM

LED replacement bulbs for kitchen work areas

My kitchen has been seeming darker than it used to be (presumably my eyes are getting old). I was shopping around for ways to make it brighter and found that some of the LED replacement bulbs for track-lighting can floodlights can put out more lumens than same-sized (PAR30) compact fluorescents we've been using. I tried and returned a bunch but found a couple of good ones:

Green Creative E26 14W 2700K 40° 800 lumens

Satco Ditto S9043 11W 2700K 108° 750 lumens

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  1. Oops, I thought I was on the Cookware board. I've asked the mods to move it.

    1. We remodeled a couple of years ago and all the recessed, pendants and undercabinet lighting are LED. I love them but there's one thing that I'm not crazy about. The amount they can be dimmed is limited. At least what we bought back then has that issue. And the fixtures and the dimming switches are a lot more expensive.

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      1. re: c oliver

        The dimming ability depends a lot on the bulb, the dimmer, and the combination you use.

        We remodeled last summer. We used Cree CR4 recessed bulbs (they are called EcoSmart at Home Depot) and Lutron dimmers, and we can dim pretty much all the way down.

        1. re: calumin

          I know our dimmers are Lutron, can't remember the fixtures and bulbs. They dim but not a whole lot. For the recessed I don't mind cause when I have those on I really want plenty of light. But for the three pendants I wish I could get them quite low. Two are over the peninsula which is adjacent to the living room so would like softer ambience. But it's not really bad, just different.

      2. Thanks for the tip. We have been thinking of experimenting, too.

        Tip for you: dimness and lack of vibrancy in colors (blue vs. black) signalled cataracts for me.

        Had surgery in December and am AMAZED at how bright and cheerful the world is -- I have actually dialed DOWN some of my lighting!

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        1. re: DebinIndiana

          I had my pupils dialated for an eye exam last year and noticed that the kitchen lighting seemed much better than usual.

          Since I could not get compatible CFL bulbs with more lumens I was thinking of buying more cans for my track system. The LED bulbs were a comparatively cheap fix.

          Our kitchen is a separate room and we don't use it for anything but cooking, so dimmers are not an issue.

        2. We remodeled the kitchen a couple of years ago now, and used LEDs everywhere we could, can lights, under cabinet and in cabinet as well as light fixture for the dining area. We bought 3 pendents that are halogen that are accent lighting. The can lights were CREE, boy have the prices come down in just 2 years. I've replaced all the can lights in the house except for the track lights in the family room.

          Most are dimable, but none are as dimable as incondesents. We rarely need to dim the kitchen lights and when we do, they don't need much. The really great thing is that in the summer they don't put out the heat the others do.