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Dec 31, 2013 04:48 PM

Cheap Eats Marigny & FQ

First I need to apologize for not posting a TR from our maiden NOLA voyage last spring. I wrote a long detailed one, hit post and thought it took but it didn't. We had a great time thanks much for all the help!
We fell in love with NO and return for MLK weekend in a couple of weeks!!! This time our birthday posse has grown to six: one vegan, three pescetarians and two omnivores. Our main goals are music, drinking and eating. We'd like to do all three as inexpensively as possible. We are staying again at Le Richelieu as we prefer Frenchman to Bourbon. Please advise lunch & dinner places in that general vicinity. We will spend brekkies at Cake Cafe. FQ is fine--want to hit Erin Rose for the killer po'boys. P.s. we're not impressed with po'boys at Johnny'---way too dry, dressing-wise.
Thanks everybody!

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  1. IMO, the poboys at Johnny's are more traditional and more satisfying than Killer's. have never had a problem of not enough mayo, lettuce, tomato. at KP the menu varies, I can't get a friend shrimp, and the roast beef is dry.

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      It has become harder and harder to get a roast beef that has sat in the pan with drippings. Often it seems to be just Manda Meat with Campbell's broth Either you cook, or you don't. And would SOMEONE please, please, please give us an option of bread? I love Leindenheimer but they bought--and killed Gendusa and I can't blame them from abusiness perspective. Gendusa was the best...the evening deliveries were sublime (after 4:00).

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        I didn't know that. on Louisiana Eats the Gendusa family is credited with inventing the poboy loaf as we know it. a combination of French bread with Italian shape, and yeast culture that survives in New Orleans only (they said they tried to move it but could not do so successfully).

    2. Hey there -- there's a place above Feelings in the Marigny that's doing the vegan thing. Feelings itself isn't bad; upstairs might be worth a gander.

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        Hi Montuori! You gave a great rec to us last time for Ruby Slipper and we had a lovely birthday breakfast there in March, so thanks!! We also hit Feelings for birthday dinner and our vegan friend (and the rest of us) thoroughly enjoyed.
        This trip we are looking at casual, fly by the seat of our pants places. Buffas is super close and the price and mood are perfect. We have two dinners three brekkies and two lunches but unlike last trip I am avoiding reservations and cabs. We do need to stick to wheelchair friendly spots--we can easily get her up a few stairs but the bathroom door/stall width is key. Hope Buffas works; will email them and ask. Would love to check out Mimi's as well, though obviously the upstairs is off limits. Though our main hang will be the Frenchman street area we will hit Pres Hall either Saturday or Sunday night and will probably hit Erin Rose for pre show Po boys. Any insights are truly appreciated. Thanks!!!

      2. For a vegan/lighter lunch option, try Meals from the Heart cafe, in the French Market. It's just a stand with a few stools, not a restaurant (to-go is an option as well). Really good crab cakes there too. Mona's Cafe on Frenchmen has decent falafel and hummus. 13 Monaghan on Frenchmen is open for lunch, dinner, and late, very casual bar food but has good vegan options (and they deliver). Love Killer Po'Boys!

        1. Greg Sonnier/Kingfish in the Quarter has a more casual, cheaper side: Counter Market & Deli. Read more here:

          1. Since y'all are willing to go all the way to Buffas y'all should try Cane and Table for the pescatarian they have whole fish but kitchen is closed on Sunday and Monday I think. They also have great options for your vegan. For your omnivore I would suggest Sylvain or Sobou they have a to die for burger.