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Dec 31, 2013 01:32 PM

Peninsula Seafood in Oakridge?

This place is now open (across from Murchie's) and while walking past on Christmas Eve, my wife noted it was jammed and smelled good. Anyone been there and can offer a yeay or nay?

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  1. Glad to see a new addition to that area. They sure are smart and ahead of the game with the long-term redevelopment plan of the Oakridge neighbourhood.

    Peninsula was a mainstay in the '70s thru '90s at the corner of Broadway and Ash (2nd floor above Sound Plus, where Rogue Wet Bar is now). Dunno if the owners are even the same or related, that'd be interesting to find out.

    Menu seems an eclectic mix of dim sum, HK-style cafe offerings, and high-end wedding banquet spreads (and everything in-between, I'm sure):

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      1. I see they have shark fin on their menu.....

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          Both they and Sun Sui Wah are discontinuing serving SF.

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              My parents and their friends (a group of about 8 to 10) went. You can't get a more critical bunch than a group of ardent Cantonese seniors ! :-)

              Initial impressions are not racking up points for Peninsula:



              I'd go to Golden Ocean in Kerrisdale, or The Roc on Main @ 41st.

        2. Was reading this review of Peninsula. I admit I'm biased and find it very difficult to believe how they have (and can) stay in business with their high prices and demurely (by cultural norms) dishes that are meant for communal dining.

          I s'ppose there simply are enough 1%-ers locally to want to go there and pay their prices (ie: $23 for S&W pork).

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            That writeup wouldn't convince me to go. Take home is okay to good food, small portions, high prices and better-than-usual service. Not cutting the mustard in a town with so many other Canto options :-)