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Dec 31, 2013 01:18 PM

SUSHI in DTLA tonight NYE no reservation.

Not sure exactly what time we can get downtown (partner getting off work/taking metro from westside) and Sushi Gen is fully booked. Was originally gonna wait it out at Sugar Fish, then thought maybe I should try somewhere new. Alas, can't reserve and its a busy night! Thoughts???

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  1. If price was no object, then maybe Zo or Q (probably still have to call ahead though)?

    1. Good luck. And I mean that.

      1. Try Toshi Sushi on 1st st near Central.
        Maybe Hama
        If you sit at the bar Yoshi at Takami can do surprisingly well.
        Sushi Go is not my favorite but can be good
        Toranoko maybe, it hasn't been too crowded the last few times I have been there.
        In Weller Court off San Pedro st is Mako Sushi which is small but sometimes overlooked.