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Dec 31, 2013 12:44 PM

Santouka Ramen in Costa Mesa - Report

On the Thursday after Christmas, I needed to find a place in the Huntington Beach/Costa Mesa area, and thanks to a search on Chowhound, settled on Santouka Ramen in Costa Mesa. Four of us met there for lunch, and it ended up being a good choice because the vegetarian in the group was able to get some udon noodles w/ tempura from a different stand in the same food court. But the other three of us had ramen!

I sampled spicy miso broth, soy broth, and regular miso broth. All were pretty good. Some bowls had regular pork, while others had the bbq pork, and I didn't taste a ton of difference. I'm not that much of a ramen expert, but I liked it!

My friend's tempura udon was fine. We also had some katsu curry from a third stand, which was also fine.

Parking was ridiculous and took forever. But this was a fun food court and made for a good meeting point, so I was happy.

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  1. Nice reports! Ramen Zetton just down the street also has vegetarian ramen the next time you're around.