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Dec 31, 2013 12:20 PM

Christmas Eve Thai Dinner at Banana Bay, Rowland Heights - Report

For Christmas Eve lunch I had good Chinese food with fellow hounds in SGV (see: so for dinner we ended up doing something closer to where we were staying in La Mirada. We wanted something quick, since we were catching a movie after, and Banana Bay ended up being a good choice.

At 6:30, the restaurant wasn't too full yet, and we were seated right away. Banana Bay is a giant place—maybe the biggest Thai restaurant I've ever been to. We ordered only two items, which was wise, since the servings were huge!

#100 Rice Ball salad from the Issan Thai section was good. It's not as amazing as the version at Champa Garden in SF and Oakland, but I still really liked it. We asked for it medium spicy and they delivered...any spicier would have been too much for me. I think we got it with chicken (although I don't remember for sure at this point), and there were lots of slivers of ginger. We ended up getting a steamed rice on the side, too.

Pork boat noodles were also great. Spicy at just the right level, with a rich broth, lots of noodles, various pieces of pork (blood, meatballs, and pieces of regular meat).

It wouldn't surprise me if many dishes at this place aren't on the same level as a smaller Thai place, but I thought this was all pretty great considering the price (under $20 for everything) and the quality. We were in and out fast, and made it to our movie with time to spare!

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