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Dec 31, 2013 12:15 PM

Authentic Mexican or New Mexican food on Sunday

Hi - I am flying into/out of Phoenix on Sunday(s) next month. I have been once before and had the pleasure of trying out Carolinas, which I was hoping to go back to, until I saw it is closed on Sunday. I will have a car, as we are driving up to Sedona. We only plan on being in the Phoenix area on Sundays, but may be there for the majority of the day one day as our flight leaves late. My question: Is there anything similar to Carolinas (Sonoran style Mexican) that is open on Sunday? If not Sonoran, I will also welcome reccs to any good authentic Mexican (looks like Los dos Molina is closed Sundays too). I am also open to places serving Good authentic New Mexican style food (aware of Richardsons/Dicks/Rokerij, been there and is high on my list for a possible repeat). I can't get New Mexican style food where I live (Minnesnowta). Dives not only accepted, but welcomed with open arms.

Also: If you can steer me to a place (other than Carolinas) that makes awesome homemade tortillas, I'll be your best friend. I have been dying for a good fresh made tortilla since I bought some in a local mercado torterilla in Cancun's centro district last March. I'm serious, I am considering taking a detour to Tuscon area for good freshly made tortillas, but it would be swell if I didn't need to go that far out of my way. Once again, must be open on Sunday. Thanks!

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  1. I've had to avoid hyper-palatable foods, but, I've made exceptions for Carolina's. Along these lines I miss Rosita's Place, 2310 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix, AZ.

    For something completely different, try Barrio Cafe, 2814 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ.

    I forgot about any other source of fresh tortillas after having Carolina's, but, I'd imagine you could get something decent at Pro's Ranch Market, 1602 E Roosevelt St, Phoenix AZ. They have a food court, too.

    1. I really like this place, La 15 Y Salsas

      And, yes, open Sundays.