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Dec 31, 2013 12:08 PM

THAI, Best Food in Cave Creek: Z's Asian Fusion

There is an excellent THAI restaurant, with an unfortunate name, in Cave Creek, on Cave Creek next tot he Dairy Queen.

This is exciting because 1) there is very little worth eating in that area after Binkleys/ Bink's Cafe(in Carefree, actually) / Raw Vegan Academy, and 2) great Thai is not exactly thick on the ground in the greater Phoenix area.

It has been open over a year and I've never had a bad meal there. Most have been outstanding, fresh, complex, balanced, and deeply satisfying.

No sweet, gloppy, bottled sauces! Everything is made to order and authentic. I've tried most of the items marked "Thai" and not a single one from other cuisines.

The menu is way too long and complicated for a small storefront restaurant, and I assume the inclusion of Chinese, Vietnamese, and even Japanese items is all part of casting a wide net for the tourists.

But as a local resident, I'm so glad to have Z here! Please, try it and let me know what you think.

And tell your friends. It is just awful having little other than burger/rib/sports bar places for the weekend crowd,and seeing a new one built every year here because the market won't support anything else. (Tap Haus last year, Hogs 'N' Horses this year )

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  1. Two comments, first, Binkleys has gone severely downhill. They seem to be resting on their laurels. Not just my opinion, I've been hearing that a LOT! Second, Cartwright's is a wonderful restaurant! They are not your typical ho-hum Cave Creek restaurant. That said, I DO think Z's is the best restaurant in CC!

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      Totally Agree on first count, mildly so on the second. Perhaps Kevin Binkley has spread himself too thinly? I've been to Cartwrights twice since New Years as it is the sort of place a group who wants to share a conversation can agree on, and they areā€¦ improving. They've lowered the top and no longer compete as a steakhouse, and have added lots of smaller and lighter choices. The menu is uneven, small hits and small misses. Nothing awful, nothing memorable.

      To put it another way, I'd encourage Phoenix area people to try Z's if they are out this way, but there is nothing at Cartwright's they cannot get at their local "nice upper middle with table service" place.

      1. re: rroush99

        Why,exactly, do you say that about Binkley's? We were there night before last and thought it was still excellent.
        service was fast and polite. Food was very good.