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Dec 31, 2013 11:32 AM

Restaurants not in hotels/ casinos

I am getting married in Las Vegas in April 2014. We are looking for a more casual restaurant to throw a reception after the wedding for 20-25 people. I have called several restaurants within hotels and casinos, and all of these places require a total food and beverage purchase of at least 3000$!! My party is only 20-25 people, that averages 150$ spent by each person! We can't afford this and are looking for a nice restaurant that we can just go, sit down, everyone order what they would like and have a pleasant time! Thank you for any feed back!

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  1. You might check out Piero's. Good osso buco and stone crabs.

    1. What kind of food? Lunch or dinner? How much do you want to spend per person? Also, will you have vehicles? Cabs will add about $25 to $40 each way without tip. Cabs are only allowed to transport five people in each cab.

      1. In other postings, I have suggested Ferraro's Italian's on Paradise, across from the Hard Rock and only minutes from the Strip. They have a number of different rooms for private parties, excellent food. They specifically moved to this address from their original one to attract more group business.

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          I second this rec on Ferraro's. Everytime I've been there, the food was very good, the service excellent, and the prices were very reasonable. They should be able to accommodate a group of 20-25 very comfortably.

        2. Check out the Golden Steer on Sahara, right off the strip. I haven't been in years, but it used to be very good. Perhaps some local CH's could comment on whether it's still good.

          1. It would be great to know where you are staying and where you are having the ceremony to focus things a bit. A couple of near strip options might include mundo, which is an upscale Mexican restaurant in the world market center; the triple George, which is downtown ; and ferraros which is mentioned below. If you are willing to venture farther off the strip the options increase. There is a new restaurant in green valley called Sammy's; it's the same owner as Sammy's wood fired pizza but has a broader menu and is a bit nicer with a lot of variety. It's off the strip but is right off the highway. Also in green valley if you wanted to go very casual is a terrific pizza place, settebello, which has great thin crust pizzas and a full bar. It would be a bit different for a wedding but would be very tasty. Again, if you could give a bit more detail people could probably make even more suggestions. And congratulations !