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Dec 31, 2013 10:38 AM

Las Vegas Trip Report 12/22-26

Just got back from a trip to Las Vegas. I've been following the boards and I know we didn't hit the "best," but here's our impressions:

Burgr: My husband wanted to try it for the celebrity factor. Not too bad, and certainly a pretty burger, but the flavor fell a little short. Temperatures were off of what was requested, which was consistent our entire trip.

Mon Ami Gabi: I'd seen some people say positive things about this place, so I was quite disappointed overall. I ordered a rare steak, and received a rare steak. My husband ordered medium rare and got...bleu. When we pointed it out the the server he just said, "Ok, what do you want to do about it?"

Mesa Grill: By far the best meal we had in Las Vegas. Service was on, the margaritas were excellent. I inhaled the duck tacos so fast I didn't realize they were gone until I was licking the sauce. I had the shrimp tacos...the three sauced that accompanied it really made the dish. My husband had the cheeseburger and loved it. Would definitely go back.

B and B Ristorante: Not bad, but not up to the level that we are used to. Started with the Lamb's tongue. I love tongue, but it was a little plain. Bone Marrow ravioli was quite rich, as marrow should be. Again, a little plain, but I liked this dish. I had the Rabbit Porchetta for dinner, which was a good entree size. However, my husband had the sweetbreads, which were more appetizer sized. He even asked the server about the portion size and was told it was a dinner entree...there were three sweetbreads on the plate and a small slaw. My other gripe about this restaurant was the wine selection. There were very few bottles under the $150-200 range, and there were only a handful by the glass.

Bouchon: We only stopped in for a light lunch, but it was very well executed. Lovely space, everything was cooked elegantly. Wish we had chosen this for a bigger meal, since we were so impressed with everything we tried.

So, all in all, we were generally underwhelmed. We found ourselves comparing most of the dishes we got with some better one somewhere else.

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  1. HI...really sorry about the Mon Ami incident....I'm one of the posters that is always positive about the restaurant..and the service. While obviously not the quality of Prime or SW, I always recommend Mon Ami Gabi for a lesser-priced steak.