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Dec 31, 2013 10:08 AM

Snake River Farms products in SD

I have seen very limited Snake River Farms products (mainly bottom round steaks) at H-Mart in SD. I would like to play around with different cuts and sous vide but does anybody know any other source/supermarket in SD who has any other products from them (which I would prefer over ordering from them directly) ?

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  1. Bristol Farms carries Snake River Farms products, and if they don't currently have it on-hand, they will special order it for you. (This is true for the one in Pasadena, and I can't imagine it being different for SD stores)

    1. Siesels/Iowa carries it. Usually vac sealed and frozen though. I've seen a few different cuts in their freezer. One of the best Ribeyes I've made for myself. Really takes well to a few days of air drying in your fridge. Super crunchy sear.