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Dec 31, 2013 09:42 AM

pot luck hot dish carriers??

I go to a monthly activity which starts with a 5 o'clock pot luck. I like to take hearty hot dishes, and while crock pots are good for soups and stews, not so great for structured casseroles, etc.

What can I use that will keep food warm for a couple of hours in 40-50 degree outside temps? I can make an insulated box myself etc., but want to know if there is something commercially made with power. (Do not want a chafing dish with sterno)

thanks, potluckers.

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  1. Wrap your dishes in tin foil, then bath towels and put it in an 'igloo' type cooler. BBQ people do this on a regular basis for ribs etc etc. meat stays hot for a good four hours.

    1. You might consider investigating a Cambro carrier. I think it's what caterers use, and they keep food hot for quite a while (hours).

      The regular size carriers are fitted for large catering pans, but they might make smaller ones that may fit your needs better.

      1. Getting it there hot is not a problem. It needs to stay serving temp while remaining on the serving line, accessible, not tucked away in a box. I need something other than a crockpot that will keep food very warm OUTDOORS for a couple of hours. Looking for something electric (no open flame)that I can plug in.

        1. One of my clients uses the electric warmers with a (tempered) glass top. These were very popular in the 70s, so you may be able to find one in a second hand store.

          1. I don't have any personal experience, but this pops up on Amazon when you search for an electric chafing dish.

            Or perhaps you could use a warming tray like this one.