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Ton of Limes

I got a huge bag of limes at Costco. We're making Moscow Mules, but I'm still going to have a lot left over. Any interesting suggestions for how to use them up? Thank you and Happy, Healthy New Year!

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  1. Indian lime pickle-delicious! Just google for recipes

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    1. Lime juice freezes brilliantly as does lime zest. Then you are on your way to lime sorbet, key lime pie or ice cream, and lime jello shots...the latter makes for an interesting conversation starter at a brunch. Also ceviche if you have appropriate fish or other seafood on hand now...I don't think frozen juice would be as useful with raw fish.

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        Thank you. I'll freeze the juice. That is a really good idea.

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          Freeze in ice cube trays and add it to gin and tonics, vodka and pomegranate, etc.

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          In addition to LJS's excellent suggestions, you will find many thai and Vietnamese recipes that use lime, in salad dressings and other sauces, and it is a lovely flavor. I agree that freezing works well, but also agree I wouldn't use frozen for a ceviche.

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            If the limes are not organic i would not use the zest....that would be what contains the most pesticides.

          2. Limeade is my summertime drink of choice. Limes also go well with Mexican cuisine: try a slice of lime in black bean soup or tortilla soup. And there's always ceviche - fish marinated in lime juice and chiles until the flesh becomes firm, then eaten raw.

            1. ceviche! I love all kinds but am partial to scallops.

              1. margaritas
                daiquiris (the original lime version!)
                mix it with orange juice for mojo marinade (Cuban)
                Juice it and freeze it
                make a lime version of limoncello

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                    won't really use a *lot* of limes, but fair enough.

                1. I make key lime cheesecake, sans the "key".

                  1. I love Moscow Mules! I'd candy the the leftovers.

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                      How would I candy the limes? On the stove top?

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                        Couple of choices; just the peel or slices of lime. I keep them on hand for cocktails, tea and to garnish a creamy dessert like custard, rice pudding or cheesecake.

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                          Just remember to zest or get the rind off before you juice. It's almost impossibly to get the rinds off after you've juiced.
                          Use a zester (fine or medium shreds) or a vegetable pealer (wider slices). HillJ will give you candying instructions, I'm sure.

                          We love lime juice in ice water anytime of year. Freezing is an excellent suggestion. Freeze it in ice cube trays and then pop into a container or bag.

                      2. I would just squeeze all the limes and keep the juice in the fridge and freeze some in ice cubes to add to drinks or soups/stews.
                        A splash of lime juice is perfect to add at the end of cooking black beans or a mexican rice.
                        The frozen cubes are perfect for blending into mixed drinks or margaritas

                        1. Make some version of Grandmamma's Orange Cake (sort of a tangy glazed citrus cake) substituting limes for oranges. http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/4156...
                          Delicious and unusual with limes -- I've done it a few times.
                          I have a simple recipe if you'd like.

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                              Oh, Yum for lime curd! I just made tequila lime chicken and used a cup of the lime juice.

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                                That sounds amazing! Will you share the recipe?

                                Bought limes last week on sale...and not one had any juice :(

                              1. You can also let them dry out and make persian dried limes - I use it in rice

                                1. Last time I had a bag o'too-many-limes I remembered that someone on CH said you could freeze them whole, so I did. Success! Pull out and thaw or gently nuke to warm, then juice. I've also used them wedged for mojitos after freezing. They brown up a touch but taste fine.

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                                    Wow, new one! I just harvested a bucketful of Meyer lemons. Other than the curd I've planned, will freeze some whole. Next are a couple of bucketsful of limes to cut. Great timing!

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                                      Yah, I didn't believe they'd maintain quality but we were headed out of town and it was either compost or freeze. Happy ending. :)

                                  2. In case you still have them: don't throw out the peel. If you run a vegetable peeler over all of them you'll have a ton of useable zest that freezes great and adds a little flair to a surprising number of dishes (especially rice)

                                    1. The last time I had an over abundance of limes I made preserved limes using the same technique for preserved lemons. Worked great.