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Dec 31, 2013 07:58 AM

How much wine to serve?

I'm having a East Meets West going away party (thread on CH) on Sunday. So far I have 50 responding yes. Out of those 50 there will be about 5-6 non-drinking kids, maybe 2 non-drinking adults and the rest will be drinking. The party is Sunday afternoon from 4-7:00. We plan on having beer and then wine. How many bottles of wine should I get and how many white vs red. I only know a handful of the guests so I don't know their taste.

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  1. Found this:

    If you buy extra, just get cases of stuff that fits both your budget and tastes. "-)

    1. The usual ratio is one bottle per two people. Since you don't know your guests' preferences, it will pretty much depend on what you are serving. To play it on the safe side, do half red half white.

      1. This is a tough one. Why, maybe some of the guest will bring wine. While I do not drink wine, my wife does at every evening meal at home.

        She like Santa Margherita pinot grigio for white wine. She has a great number of reds that she likes including pinot noir.

        I would be conservative on the number of bottles like 24-26, half being white and the others red.

        Now that I've given my opinion, consider what I said in my opening lines. I do not drink wine...Just give me Jameson Irish Whiskey.

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          I'll be arriving shortly if you serve Santa Margherita at dinner every night!

          Recently found it on sale for $18 and stocked up. Once found it mismarked at $14 and bought 2 cases.

        2. does your local market have a wine person? They would probably be a good resource. If they are going to be there for the whole 3 hours, I doubt that half a bottle each would suffice. Better to have too much than run short. It won't go bad if unopened.

          1. I would probably get two cases of red and a case of white (since it's winter, I would guess more people will choose red). Get something you like to drink or cook with in case of leftovers.