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Dec 31, 2013 07:16 AM

Everyday Dinnerware

We are moving into a new house and I am replacing my old beat up dinnerware(do not want to move it into new house). I have looked at everything from PB Great White Traditional and Cambria to WS Brasserie and Pantry dinnerware(like the pantry ware not sure of mug handles - they look like ears to me...) and C and B Aspen, BB and B everyday white dishes and also including Ikea, Fiestaware and everything in between. I originally thought I wanted stoneware with a slight rustic feel but am now leaning towards white porcelain as being more versatile to use with all manner of serving pieces. The food looks better on it and it is easier to replace or add to down the road. I think 12" plates are too big(and hard to store) and want 10-11 inch dinner plates. This will serve all our dining needs as I do not have formal China.

I am on research overload and want something classic but modern and durable. Anyone love their dishes and how did you decide on them? Thank you for your input - I want to take advantage of the white sales going on right now and need to make a decision! nadia

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  1. We use Williams-Sonoma Pantry Dinnerware for daily meals:

    This is the first complete set we bought for ourselves. We wanted something simple and white. We were able to see and feel this set in the store. We liked it, so it went home with us and got used everyday since then.

    1. We have Ikea porcelain dinnerware. Household includes clutzy spouse and two teen boys so I like that the ikea stuff is inexpensive, easy to toss in the D/W, and looks attractive.

      I don't have formal china either so we use the ikea whites for everything. I do have some chargers and specialty small plates for dessert, salad, etc.

      1. Don't have "good chiina" and never really wanted it.

        Have a mess-o Stangl (fruit & flowers)... wedding present from my Grandmother back in 70's. Got it in Flemington, NJ, when they were still making the stuff... there, I think? Took FOREVER for us to find 8 place settings without encountering a chip. Stuff was "seconds"... minor paint imperfections, but mostly small chips. It went into storage bins after an outlet shoppiing trip with SIL.

        Can't remember brand but found a nice set for 8. Less than $50. Never broke/cracked/chipped.

        Kinda ecclectic about dinner & flatware... different is better in my mind. Found a HUGE mess-o what I called "diner dishes" at a yard sale... super cheap. Pyrex stuff. Everything from a few of those oval plates (like for burger, BLT, etc.) to those little dishes that a few pats of butter would come on. A bunch of little "side dish" plates... like for cole slaw... and soup cups/bowls. Knew if dropped would have shattered in a zillion pieces (never happened) but that was really TOUGH stuff. Packed it all up and donated to Good Will when I made a fabulous yard sale find on Fiestaware!

        Generally, I don't spend more than $5 for a YS find unless it's FABULOUS Pulled up to a sale and saw 3-4 FW bowls... like for soup/cereal. Sister had recently started a collection (new stuff) and I figured she could always use spare bowls. Seller said she had a LOT of it... not collectible/vintage, NEW stuff that was in GREAT shape. Went WAY past my limit and spent $50 for the lot. Came home with TWELVE dinner plates, sandwich/salad plates, & mugs... even more bowls. Most in what I call "jewel tones" but a few pastels... the only plates with a smallest signs of use... and ya have to look HARD to see them.

        1. I have the WS Brasserie dishes and love them. I like that they are not too heavy, but are quite durable. The cereal bowls feel nice in the hand and the rimmed soup bowls work nicely for pasta.
          I chose the plain white--they are both elegant and casual. I've had mine for a few years now and they have held up well.

          1. Apilco porcelain from WS, is what we recently switched to. The old plates were terribly marked up from the flatware and I couldn't take it anymore. We started with just four plates as a test and after about six months we filled out the set. This is great dinnerware, very robust, no gray marks, and elegant enough for entertaining.