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Dec 31, 2013 07:14 AM

18 people for dinner and drinks

We are all celebrating our 50th birthday together. would love to find a place with a prix fixe and maybe either byob or open bar with a small area to hang. I know this is asking a lot. We have reservation at spice market with a room and prix fixe for $70 pp plus grautity and tax. We are concerned that this will be a lot higher when we start to drink at $15 per drink. any opinions would be helpful

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  1. Alta in the w village has a private dining room, call for more info on pricing, i'm fairly certain they can arrange a menu within your budget

    Blue ribbon bakery downstairs could also work

    Crispo can accomodate you within your budget, more info here:

    I'm not a fan of spice market- it seems to have turned into a tourist trap with not great any more food at some point....

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      thx. appreciate the advice. will check those out today.

      1. re: jonathandit

        I trulli is another thought, they have private dining options and will work with your budget for a pre fixe menu. A great wine list and daily happy hour from 3-7pm

        1. re: Ttrockwood

          thx. wil check it out. love that place