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Dec 31, 2013 05:57 AM

Meh holiday dining experiences...

Had a couple of disappointing experiences this week -

Hit Wicket - went to watch the Pats' game - place was mostly empty - planned on ordering apps and dinner - bartender (who I think is the owner) takes my drink order, forgets it, comes over to the table, I order the doubles. Doubles never come, apparently he never put in the order but we never really get an explanation, the bartender/owner ignores us and basically we just got blown off, while folks who came in later had nice, hot food delivered as we were asking for our check for our drinks. So that was nice. I don't really care that you forgot and I am not asking someone to supplicate himself because of the error, but at least man-up and apologize. Whatevs - meh.

Sarma last night - the passed plates from the kitchen were not coming out - I think they were really in the weeds. Not really feeling the warmth at the bar - I dunno. We talked up about ordering the fried chicken (which is great) but we never saw any come out while we were seated there. "Better luck next time with the chicken" from the bartender...or maybe not. Meh again.

Looking forward to a Happy New Year in 2014!

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  1. Way to stay thoughtful and moderate about a couple of unpleasant experiences, yo.

    1. Did you voice your displeasure aloud at either location or just venting here? I get the first issue, but not clear on the latter transgression. Was it that no sample plates were coming out of an admittedly busy kitchen, and specifically there was no gratis fried chicken?

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      1. re: CapeCodGuy

        The plates at Sarma are not samples - more like dim sum - they give a card and stamp it with each order you take. I think that the kitchen must have just been in the weeds, which is fine. Just how it was handled was off.

      2. Looks like you got your first 2014 resolution to avoid these places.

        1. We had the worst service of 2013 at Vinny's at Night. Just comically inept. Food was very good, but just not worth the hassle of dealing with that place any longer.