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Dec 31, 2013 05:43 AM

Chez Olga - Eastown/Grand Rapids

Chez Olga is a family owned/operated caribbean restaurant located @ 1441 Wealthy.

GREAT flavors. A wide variety of choices on the menu. Hot food hot. Cold food cold. Clean. Ten levels of spice/heat available.

Our party of six [6] arrived at 1PM and ordered various soups and gumbo. One guy working the front. One person in the kitchen. From the time we arrived until we paid & left; 75 minutes ... for six bowls of "soup", waters & one coffee. i.e. Slow. But ours was an after-Xmas family lunch, so the time passed easily.

The base for the shrimp soup and noodle soup was very rich; buttery rich. The shrimp soup was ~1 cup. Plenty of shrimp and vegetables. Given the rich base/stock, it was plenty.

My SiL ordered noodle soup. Essentially, a larger serving of the shrimp soup, but substituted noodles for the shrimp. She could not finish the base/stock - too rich for her.

My BiL ordered gumbo @ spice/heat-level six. Said it was very good, but he was chugging water and sweating profusely. <g>

Plenty of space for staff and customers to circulate without unnecessary bump & grind. Good/free WiFi service available.

I look forward to my return!

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  1. Oh, I ADORE Chez Olga! I was there alone, but ordered enough food for 2-3 people so I could try a few things...Olga came out to chat with me and said she wished she wasn't so busy in the kitchen so she could sit down and eat with me. Griyot, spicy slaw, goat curry, and ginger tea were all fantastic comfort food. That place is a true gem.