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Dec 31, 2013 05:32 AM

Southern Nosh - Southfield/DTW

This is the "vegetarian" alternative launched by Beans & Cornbread. It is a separate operation, in the same strip mall.

Non-vegetarian/vegan items are on the menu. Yesterday's specials included:

- Chicken & waffles
- Tilapia

Otherwise; it is many of the same side dishes as served at B&C with a collection of "protein" dishes and sandwiches.

Their sloppy joe alternative was tasty enough, but not the tomato-y, zing that I expect from the classic sandwich. More of meat-ish flavor, but with (soy?) protein. I would order again.

Ditto for the quesadilla. Ditto for the gumbo.

Plenty of space for the staff and customers to circulate without unnecessary bump & grind. Good WiFi service available.

I will return.

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