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which is the best for flavoring pancakes? butter or butter spray?

I like the original butter I usually put in the pan to make that nice buttery taste but sometimes I'm left over with a lot of extra butter I don't need and the spray seems more chemical tasting to me...what do you think? Should I stick with the butter or spray?

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  1. Just put as much real butter as the spray does.
    Usually you should not put much in the begining.

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    1. My first thought was how could anybody be so parsimonious as to use a little spray when there should be multiple pats of butter on each pancake. Then I saw you were taking about greasing the pan. I don't have a dog in this fight. I use bacon grease.

        1. No debate.
          Use real butter- just less of it.
          If you save the butter wrappers and use that to grease your pan its the perfect amount.

          1. I use a stick of frozen butter, unwrapped at one end and just rub it all over the cooking surface as it heats. Just enough melts off to lightly coat the pan so things aren't greasy. I find frozen works better it doesn't get as messy for me. Repeat between pancakes as needed

            1. I honestly had no idea that some folks had "too much butter".

              Not trying to be snarky, just "huh".

              Avoid "chemical" tastes at all cost, Add more pig/cow fat as needed.

              1. Gosh...I always used oil. Guess I'm WAY off the mark!

                1. Butter spray is nasty. Don't use it when you're making anything you want to taste good! Always choose real butter over sprayed crap. Always.

                  1. If this was a question about using real Butter on Rye Toast, then I'd definitely say that you gotta do it. I ONLY use real Butter on my Rye Toast (or even English Muffins) and wouldn't even think about preparing it otherwise. It would be convenient though, but no thanks!

                    1. Sorry, but bacon fat all the way. I put a bit in the batter, and a bit in the pan. I know, it's a hold-over from my PA German ancestry.

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                        Cool! I'm also german! Thanks for the tip! :)

                      2. You don't have to pour melted butter onto the pan; just put a dab of unmelted butter and swirl it around.
                        Personally, I do use unmelted butter and serve the remainder alongside the pancakes.
                        Spray butter... XP

                        1. Butter...but strangely enough, I prefer salted. For all applications, except baking.

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                            Salting Food up is nice. Some people over do it though, unfortunately.