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Epoisses in the Witness Protection Program...

Remember the thread where I posted that my new addictive cheese was
$5 less per 8.8 ounces at Wegmans than at Whole Foods? Well,
Whole Foods must have seen it.

Now they have a cheese labeled "St Soleil", sold under Whole Foods
labeling, for $16.99, that is the same cheese! On the front, it does
say 'made in France', but the design of the lettering, and the description of how the cheese was made give it away.

I mean, this is seriously good cheese. Please don't buy them all up,
so that I can't find it the next time...

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  1. so then why'd you snitch?

    ehh if more buy it then more will be stocked.

    1. Koi its all yours! I don't think id want to pay more than $15 per block of cheese!

      1. Do you think I like paying that much for a block of cheese?
        That's what happens when you get addicted. I paid $23.99 for quite a few boxes at Whole Foods until I found it for less.

        I snitched because I'm not selfish. I first tasted a small wedge of this on a cruise, and that is my story, and I'm sticking to it. That taste was the most memorable part of a very nice cruise.

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        1. re: Bashful3

          Epoisses is fantastic. We went to Burgundy and ate it every day.

        2. Now that is downright weird!

          Why would Whole Foods take one of the world's greatest cheeses (and many people consider it THE world's greatest cheese, which I won't disagree with since tasting un-pasturized Époisse in France), and relabel it with a meaningless, made-up name (at least as far as I can tell from a google search)?


          Since Époisse is AOC-regulated, I can only imagine that the only reason they would do this is that it is not really qualified to be called Époisse under AOC regulations (wrong location or method of production). And if it costs exactly the same as a real Époisse at Wegmans, well shouldn't it cost less if it is a fake?

          Maybe Delucacheesemonger can chime in with what this cheese is???

          Does it have the little tower on the top of the wooden container? Berthaut is the only brand I ever see in the states. I recently had a raw-milk version from Gaugry at a wine & cheese party, which was unbelievable (and apparently the only raw milk version still made in France).



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          1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

            Actually here is a blog talking about Mons St. Soleil:


            The comment about someone's dog regurgitating it up is precious.

            1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

              IMO, you will want to age Époisse first once you have purchased it. The perfect Époisse should be like very thick, but runny glue when served at room temperature (let sit for several hours first). Bibou often keeps one aging under the counter for us, because they know we like it runny.

              I've never experimented myself, but I suppose the ideal would be to keep it at cheese cave temperature for a week, but who has a cheese cave. I would try leaving it at room temperature and monitor it daily. When ready, it should have the constancy of a rare steak by the thumb pressure test, and have very little ammonia smell.

              But it should smell nasty!

          2. Great responses all. I learned something here: about letting
            either cheese 'ripen' before using. The St. Soleil that I bought had a sell date of 1/12, and wasn't quite as runny
            at room temp as I would have liked.

            And, the price of $28 for a pound coupe is a bargain,
            except that that was so long ago, it's probably a lot more now.

            There is another cheese made by Berthaut--affidelice,
            that is also less expensive, my first purchase wasn't at all
            as good as epoisses, but now I think it was the lack of aging--the second one I bought was almost indistinguishable in taste/runniness as the Epoisses.

            1. Oh. About the dog who threw up, and the person who thought it was vile: no question any cheese of this sort could get overripe, and be way off. That's why I'm so careful
              about the sell date--I don't want to buy it too close to the edge.

              1. Looking at a Herve Mons Epoisses box l puchased with the cheese in Roanne at his store from a trip to Troigros last spring. lt is au lait cru and says epoisses on it.
                Am not familiar with St Soleil but PBYOB articles on the product make sit appear as Mons, the excellent marketer he is, is having a epoisses clone made for him. Whether in Burgundy or from elsewhere, it looks pretty good but is pasteurized, a huge difference from the Gaugry.
                l tend to skip the cheese if Berthault, who used to make maybe 10-15 years ago a stellar product but no more, is the manufacturer. Often aged too long and has a very high salt level to keep it somewhat shelf worthy for a long, too long time.
                This one l would give a shot.

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                1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                  Sounds like a side-by-side taste test is in order.

                  Deluca, you can bring a Gaugry, right? ;-)

                  1. re: PhillyBestBYOB

                    Not now, however, a perfectly ripe Maroilles that l am now looking at might work.

                  2. Wow! I want to be at your side-by-side tasting!!

                    Actually, hands down which cheese would win. When I
                    got hooked on this cheese, it was on a cruise. There is no
                    doubt which Epoisses that was--straight from France, unpasteurized, even though I never saw the labeling.

                    The Bertaut has been a tad uneven also--most of the time,
                    the runniness on the plate and the complex flavor it was
                    just fine. Same with affedeliche, it's poor cousin-sometimes
                    fab, sometimes meh. You all have me convinced this is due
                    to the fine line on the maturity.

                    My box of St. Soleil was not ripe enough when I bought it.
                    It tastes good, but not sublime, but the lack of total runniness
                    on the plate gives it away.

                    1. $16.99? You got lucky, mine was $24.99 at Whole Foods, and while it was totally worth it, it definitely hurts...

                      1. I just bought one of these beauties after tasting a sample at WF. The date on the box says it was made on 09/28 and is best before 10/28, and I plan to serve it on 10/25. I've had to store it in a Ziploc bag in the fridge because it's off-gassing so intensely.
                        Anyway I just unzipped the bag and it smells super sulfurous and sour in there. Was it bad to store it in Ziploc? Is it also a bad idea to plan to serve it so close to its best-by date?
                        I don't usually spend this much on a cheese so it's kind of stressing me out...

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                        1. re: Noix

                          If speaking of Epoisses, l usually eat 2-3 weeks after use date.
                          Did you store it in the box in the ziploc, that should be OK
                          If unwrapped then put tight in ziploc, you could have killed it.

                          Leave it out a full day just in box with top off and no plastic on top. Many times the off odors of which you speak will blow off.
                          If at all ammoniacal, you may be dead.
                          If when eating waaaaay too salty, you may be dead also.
                          If good serve with a little warm honey and enjoy.

                          1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                            I have a hunch it's the ziplock that led to so much
                            gas coming off it--ie, trapping the gas. What I would do, if it smelled more powerful than usual is have a tiny taste. If it's off, it won't kill you. If it isn't off, it is heavenly.

                            What is interesting is that Whole Foods will not even sell
                            it to you, if it is one day past the sell by date. According to Delucacheesemonger, it would be at its best at that point. And, I believe him.

                            1. re: Bashful3

                              One cheese to illustrate the aging issue found at W(t)F is Red Hawk from Cowgirl Creamery. it is a triple creme washed rind and can be superb. W(t)F puts then out directly from manufacturer and can be used for hockey pucks.
                              l buy a whole wheel, @ 18-20 Dollars and age in wax paper and alum foil until 2-4 weeks after use date which is usually a month after buying, and it is as good as cheese can get.

                              1. re: Delucacheesemonger

                                I have spotted this particular cheese before and have had it reach nirvana and also the trash can. Your rationale makes a ton of sense!

                        2. I highly recommend these cheese storage bags. I find them better than any other way of storing cheese. Do your own research and try them out.

                          You can buy them at Fantes and Whole Foods.