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La Cucina Italiana -- RIP

I am sorry to learn that the USA version of the magazine La Cucina Italiana has folded. The current issue -- January 2014 -- is to be the last one.

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  1. Frankly, this does not come as a surprise.

    My wife and I receive the Italian version for many years.

    3 years ago we gifted our son in California a subscription. That could not be done via the Italian publisher, but through an American distributor.

    Of the 3 years subscription my son received only 5 copies. He also received a bill payment request after the first issue was received, even though it was paid in full.

    Not a good track record.

    1. I agree jnwall - I was so sad when I read that last night!

      1. Very sad. Glad I kept my back copies. Great recipes! Will be missed.

        1. Just read this in the issue we received the other day. I always enjoyed the photography but felt the recipes were not well written at all. Not really sad to see it go; my husband is the one who kept renewing the subscription.

          1. Any suggestions for other Italian food magazines?

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              Unless you subsrcibe to the original Italian La Cucina. Gambero Rosso publishes a US magazine quarterly, mostly about travel wine, and food in Italy, but interesting and well-done, with some recipes.

            2. I love books as opposed to ebooks/internet reading. But when it comes to cookbooks/cook-magazines, I don't understand why someone would purchase a recipe, let alone an entire cookbook or magazine when the internet is loaded with wonderful recipes (from Italy as well as from all over the world), with videos and from the kitchens of the grandmothers themselves. All the authentic Italian recipes I currently have were either gathered from the kitchens of the Italian women I met on my travels or from youtube. I search for videos of Italian women/men all over Italy, in their own kitchens, with their own "nonno/a" recipes. Nothing, in my opinion, beats that.

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                  For me, it is usually because I like the theme of a cookbook or magazine and like to discover recipes I have never encountered before. For example, one of my favorite Tuscan cookbooks is Twelve, which has a chapter for each month of the year, showcasing what would typically be prepared in that month in the region of Tuscany where the author lives. I just wouldn't find that relying solely on the internet. Also, most of the cookbooks and magazines I buy have many good stories to go along with the recipes.

                  The internet is great if you know what you are looking for, or you have a specific ingredient in mind that you want to use in a recipe. But to just generally search for "authentic italian recipes" would be a time-waster for me.

                  Cooking via youtube video would also be difficult for me, as I refer to a recipe several times while cooking, and would not want to have to keep re-watching a video.

                  I guess I just like paper too much. :-)

                2. Totally bummed. I loved reading the articles and the recipes I tried were so good! I especially enjoyed the articles regarding wine and wine regions. Does anyone know if the recipes and/or articles are available anywhere on line?