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Dec 30, 2013 10:17 PM

What stove would you buy?

I think I need a new gas stove, 30". A couple of years ago when I was looking at them, I leaned toward a Wolf. I liked the continuous grates on the Viking but so many people complain about repairs on them.

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  1. Bosch HEI7282U 700 30" Stainless Steel Electric Slide-In Smoothtop Range - Convection

    If I needed a new stove, this is what I would buy.

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    1. re: sueatmo

      Hi, Sue:

      Here we go again. Dude(tte) wants a gas stove.

      Just wait...I can see the next step coming... "Ladies and gentlemen, this is your Captain. We will be making an unscheduled stop in Inductionstan." ;)


      1. re: kaleokahu

        The question was if I was buying a stove, what would I buy? OK, I'd buy the one linked, assuming money was no problem.

        If I had to buy gas, I'd have to do a ton of research, but I'd lean toward a Bosch.

      2. re: sueatmo

        I need a gas top, right now I have whole thing gas. I was reading reviews for the Bosch and there are a lot of complaints about plastic knobs; maybe they've been improved?

        So, I need either all gas or gas on top, electric oven. Prefer continuous grates.

        1. re: walker

          I would avoid the Wolf DF because if the issues with the blue enamel. The Wolf AG does not have the blue.

          1. re: walker

            I have a Bosch HGS7282UC gas stove that came with my new condo. It's about 6 years old. I used the oven for the first time this week (baking at 350-degrees) and both corners of the stove and the edges of the oven door were so hot I burned myself when I got close enough for my stomach to graze it.

            Maybe it's defective, but it's clearly a fire hazard and a real danger for children and pets in the house. Based on that experience, I would never buy a Bosch and am surprised to see it recommended.

            I am actually on this board because I am looking for recommendations for a new stove to buy. Induction is not an option I would consider. Duel fuel is a good, but an expensive option and convection would be nice.

            1. re: chicgail

              reviving a thread that's been inactive for a year is probably not the best way to get your question answered. I'd start a new thread.

        2. I researched gas stoves extensively prior to my kitchen remodel early this year. I was all set to spend $7,000. on so called professional stove until I had my eyes opened by a chef friend. As a retired chef who cooks daily, I wanted a good stove. He told "these are not professional stoves they just look the part". As I researched them I looked for functionality and there is really no difference. They don't get any hotter and many lack some desirable features like self cleaning & convection ovens. I live in Fiarfield County CT just outside of New York City so there is a huge market for high end kitchens. I went to three dealers that outfit expensive homes and told them if they could "sell me" on the pro style range I was a buyer on the spot. None could. Other than they look cool and all the best houses have them there was no real difference in function. I've found this to be the case. I ended up buying this General Electric stove. It is not perfect but very nice. The continuous grate is great but the burners do not burn low enough so it is difficult to maintain a very low simmer.
          I paid a little less than $2,000.00 last December but it looks like it may be a discontinued model because when I search it only brings back repair sites.

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          1. re: zackly

            They are not professional stoves but most people do not cook in the same way they do in a restaurant. They do have some features that some might find worth the money. Every feature is not on every range though. These are some things that might add function. Ha ha some might consider these negatives.

            The heat can be significantly higher 25-30K btus
            and the simmer can be down to just warm. You have more choice in burner configuration.

            The depth of some of the ranges accommodate using bigger pans at the same time.

            Some of the ovens hold a full size baking sheet.

            Some ovens will have a infrared broiler. Electric broilers might have more passes.

            Some ovens have third element convection which is helpful when you are filling your oven in keeping the oven temperature even. They may also have more than one element and fan.

            They may have computerized programs that change the speed of the fan and coordinate the elements to get different effects from the heat.

            Some knobs have better control-a longer distance between low and high.

            Some ovens have rotisseries or other special functions.

            1. re: wekick

              You seem pretty well informed. I have a question (I'm curious) about my oven problem. My stove came from Montgomery Ward, God knows how old it was went I bought the house 20 yrs ago. Once the gas top would not ignite and my son-in-law replaced the part.

              T Day my 13.5 lb turkey went in oven (325) at 1 pm and was not done until 7 pm. Before I put it in, I had an oven thermometer in there until it reached 325. What do you think the problem is .. not maintaining the temp? (The other night I baked some apples that should have taken an hour but took 2.)

              I'm baking another turkey tomorrow and could do it downstairs in my daughter's oven but it's a hassle dragging it up and down the stairs. Maybe I should do it up here, just realizing it'll take longer.

              SIL tried to get another part and the electric parts shop in SF said it's too old. He thought he'd try to find that part on line.

              I was trying to save up to remodel kitchen but it looks like I'll have to replace the stove very soon and I don't want to choose the wrong one, don't want to spend more than necessary.

              1. re: walker

                I also have a GE gas stove of indeterminate age and it started taking a long time to heat up and wouldn't hold temps well. I thought I might have to replace it but called my local independent appliance repair guy to take a look.

                He said it just needed a new igniter, he had a compatible part with him, replaced it in about a half an hour and it cost me less than $150. Oven has worked great ever since.

                I got the impression that the parts in some of these older appliances are kind of generic, so you may not have to get the exact part for your particular stove.

                1. re: pamf

                  About a year ago he replaced the igniter so this part is the temp regulator or something.

                  I used to have to put my dial at 50 degrees lower and now I see I have to put 50 degrees higher. I baked apple pies yesterday and that's what I did. Cooking a turkey now.

                  A 30" Wolf gas stove is over $5,000. Wonder if I should get a Bosch for 1//2 the $$.

          2. I have a 30" GE Profile dual-fuel and love it. The large capacity oven is great.

            I admit, I don't use the warming drawer for warming - I use it for storing my pizza stone/pans. (Speaking of pizza, the oven will reach 550 degrees and that little extra heat makes the crust crispier.)

            Mine's an older model and doesn't have continuous grates.

            After about 10 years of use, I've had no problems with it.

            1. Blue Star. Somewhat expensive. Bought ours in 08 and still going strong with no problems.

              1. I have a 36" all gas Wolf range that we bought about 8 months ago. It has the sealed burners which makes it real ewasy to keep clean and continoud grates. The burners put out lots of heat but also go really low for simmering. You can turn the convection fan on or off depending on how you want to cook. The only problem that I have had is the light switch for the oven. They changed the design of the switches recently and the light switch stopped latching. It was replaced under warranty without any problem. When we purchased the range they had a promotion that if you had it installed by one of their certified installers you received an additional year of warranty.

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                1. re: chuck

                  I know I'm a sucker for the red knobs. I need a 30" .. any model rec? About how much? What kind of hood do you have?

                  My SIL found the part on line for $50. I hate to pour more $$ into such an old stove. Although, it'd probably be just fine work wise, just not "pretty." (Of course, I won't have to pay a "labor" charge!)