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Dec 30, 2013 09:35 PM

Budget dinner for foodies

It's all about the food. Under50 bucks ... For the food. Is it possible?

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  1. Of course it's possible, but you'll have to be much more specific. In general, the choices will be more ethnic (Chinatown, midtown Szechuan, Indian, mid-Eastern, even Katz' Deli) but there are also some small Italian (Bianca) that'll make the cut.

    1. How many people are you looking to feed for that $50?

      1. Plus are you saying foodie as in hunting down local/ethnic eats or finding high end chow?

        I'm assuming you mean the expensive stuff but not 100% sure.

        1. Ok when I go to manhattN we eat at places like nougat one of wild edibles or sakajura ... Really great food with a little creativity and I meant food for one person less than 50. Yes I know those others are higher no I don't want Italian or Cous Cous or Vietnam .. Thai I like but it has to be something special

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              Sushi yasaka on uws was recently praised here for their $45 omakase

              It looks like you enjoy seafood- grand central oyster bar for a few oysters and a pan roast would be in budget- avoid the rest of the menu though.

              Aquavit has a $42 pre-fixe lunch featuring seafood:

            2. Walk up and down 8th or 9th in/around Hell's Kitchen.

              Bunch of ethnic joints that are worth exploring, and non will really bust the 50 barrier (assuming it's 50/person).