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Dec 30, 2013 08:09 PM

Hot Pot in SGV

Home for the holidays and my mom keeps bugging me to go to a hot pot place in SGV where everyone gets their own pot. I'm from LA but have lived away for almost a decade. I'm not quite up on the latest happenings in SGV. I don't trust my mom's recommendations as sadly they usually are "good" because they're cheap. I don't mind cheap of course--but I hate cheap places just for the sake of being cheap. Sadly, my mom's palate has been corrupted over the years.

What is the recommendation for the style of hot pot my mom wants?

BTW, I tried Chengdu Taste this weekend after running across a rec here--I love it when CH steers me right...

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  1. For individual hot pots, there are 2 choices in my book that essentially bookend the SGV.

    On the western front of the SGV, there's Boiling Point in Monterey Park.

    Out east, there's Hot Spot in Rowland Heights.

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    1. re: ipsedixit

      Boiling point is always a good choice. I often see my chinese friends there (random locations, usually san gabriel or mpk) when I go.

      I'm curious to see their other locations because they have some sort of dessert menu as well? (irvine location?)

        1. re: ipsedixit

          I think that and ice cream macarons. not sure exactly what's on that menu though

      1. re: ipsedixit

        I think Boiling Point is the one my mom is talking about--she kept going on about a place on Valley near Del Mar Is there is much discrepancy in terms of quality for the locations? If not, what location has the shortest wait time?

        But now she's talking about going to an AYCE place--fickle woman.

        1. re: tdonline

          I would love to know your mom's rec for the AYCE hot pot, tdonline.

          1. re: Galen

            She really doesn't have one and if she did--it probably wouldn't be much good. Like I mentioned she tends to glom onto price points.

            So for the ACYE, it's along the lines of, "I have seen a place on Garfield, near the hospital, lots and lots to eat, very cheap! Go online, find the name, you'll see I'm right."

            When she does the above--I come to Chowhound and investigate.

              1. re: blimpbinge

                Could be...but the way my mom talked about it, it would be a dedicated ACYE buffet with a large selection. The Yelp reviews don't seem to indicate that.

                  1. re: TonyC

                    either way, both sell grossness.

                    LOL, this is why I check here anytime my mom suggests a place.

                    She's adamant it's on matter, if we're doing hot pot for NYE, it's going to be at Boiling Point.

                1. re: blimpbinge

                  Thanks, Blimp. I asked recently on another thread if anyone had heard of a hot pot place above a grocery store in Monterey Park because I forgot where it was. Got no responses. This is the place. I've been to it twice years ago and liked it. Guess I'm more like td's mom. I like cheap and plentiful hot pots. I thought I'd never find this place again :)

          2. re: ipsedixit

            I like Boiling Point in MPK for hot pot too. Their snow flake ice is great, fascinating light texture

          3. any hounds know a hot pot place in Ktown? id love to try the seafood pot but close is better.

            1. Thanks all. Enjoyed dinner at Boiling Point last night. Good rec! I wasn't crazy about the wait--a line outside a good SGV restaurant is to be expected. What annoyed me a bit was that they took our order while we were waiting outside and yet it took 20-25 minutes for us to receive our food after seating. It's not like the food served takes an enormous time to cook--this is assembly type food.

              We ordered the special and beef soups, I'm looking forward to returning and trying the other selections. I was just too stuffed to try the shaved ice though.

              Also, on the restaurant my mom was going on about is Yunnan Restaurant--not an ACYE place.

              Having covered hot pot--any suggestions for vegetarian in SGV tonight? My mom's choice is a "delicious place in the 99 Market mall, on the 2nd floor...and it's not expensive." As explained in an earlier post, I have to distrust and verify on CH when it comes to my mom's restaurant recs.

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              1. re: tdonline

                Happy New Year. I like Happy Family in Monterey Park for vegetarian Chinese food. Love their fried oyster mushrooms

                1. re: tdonline

                  For what it's worth, if your mom is raving about Yunnan Garden then she hasn't lost it completely; that place has been pretty reliably good in my experience. (Not AYCE nor the cheapest place in town, but not unreasonable either)

                  1. re: tdonline

                    Having covered hot pot--any suggestions for vegetarian in SGV tonight?

                    Happy Veggie Garden.

                    1. re: ipsedixit

                      I wanted to go to HVG but we started our evening too late to make it to Rowland Heights from downtown LA before closing. We ended up going to my mom's suggestion of Vege Paradise in San Gabriel. We only ordered 3 items so not a lot to review--passable stuff.

                  2. I know it's too late now but just some thoughts:
                    I always found it interesting that people group Boiling Point's style and the Chinese version of Shabu Shabu both as "hotpot." There are two distinct terms in Chinese when describing these two very different (imo) things and the one that translates almost directly to "hotpot" is the Shabu Shabu style where you have a pot of broth and separate plates of raw meat/veggies that go into the broth over the course of the meal.

                    Using this more restricted definition of "hotpot," I think the new Haidilao in the Arcadia mall is a pricey but solid choice. Quality and service are both pretty good. If you're interested in more modern hotpot, my favorite is Jazz Cat (locations in both San Gabriel and City of Industry). Jazz Cat's price is very reasonable for the variety of broths, veggies, and quality of meat.

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                    1. re: yizhang

                      You're absolutely right.

                      Places like Boiling Pot and Hot Spot are serving the Taiwanese equivalent of sundubu jjigae.

                      Speaking of, ahem, real hot pot, have you tried Ah-Lien in Rowland Heights? One of the better renditions.

                      1. re: ipsedixit

                        I have been to Ah-Lien quite a few times and it's my favorite Taiwanese-style "real" hotpot. Isn't it owned by the same people as Lu Gi?

                        I also tried Taipei Ning Gi Hot Pot in Hacienda Heights after reading rave reviews on Yelp (I know how everyone feels about Yelp...) and it was not as good as I expected. The meat was tough and the non-spicy soup was super bland. The only good thing I learned from Taipei Ning Gi is to dip youtiao (fried donut) in the soup.

                        1. re: yizhang

                          Also, Taipei Ning Gi is completely worn and filthy.