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Dec 30, 2013 08:02 PM

Planning Portland/Willamette Valley Trip

Girlfriend and I just started planning a trip to Portland/Willamette Valley and need some help. Right now it looks like we will be going in mid June for 4 nights (thinking two in Portland and two in Wine Country). Any recommendations on where to stay? Primarily for Wine Country. Looking for a nice place, but not necessarily the most expensive place out there. We will be primarily interested in going to Vineyards/Wine Tastings in Willamette. Really just interested in exploring Portland along with some good food and breweries.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. Holy cow. A million things here. Try searching this topic at as a start. The Allison is great. Superb hotel but may or may not be expensive depending on what that means to you. Hotel Oregon is funky but not pricey. Tons of B and Bs. Portland us close so don't discount staying the whole time there.

    This is a very broad topic. Whittle it down and you can get more specific info.

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    1. re: oregonjim

      To whittle it down I guess I would ask for the following:
      - top Vineyards/Wine Tastings in Willamette Valley (I know Willamette is pretty big, so even a general area would be helpful)
      - top Dinner spots in Portland (pretty nice)
      - great hidden lunch spots in Portland

      I appreciate the help!

      1. re: tkuppens

        We loved Little Bird for dinner in June. Meat Cheese Bread has a don't-know-why-this-is-genius-but-it-is green bean sandwich for a bit of a hidden lunch idea.

        As to where to stay, I'd pick your hotel based on proximity to where you want to eat. It's what I do when we stay at the Park Lane Suites and Inn. Walking distance for resto and café heavy 21st and 23rd in the NW eg Bar and Caffe Mingo, Coffeehouse Northwest, Sterling, 23 Hoyt (happy hour), Besaw's, Ken's Artisan Bakery, Papa Hadyn (dessert) and Uptown Billiard Club, plus easy access to most every other part of the city down Burnside, especially if you have a car. Bonus points for being so close to Washington Park and its myriad attractions, including the Rose Test Garden which should be worthy in June.

    2. Folks, please help tkuppens with recommendations about wine and chow in the Portland/Willamette area; hotel recommendations are off-topic for the site. Thanks!

      1. There are probably 100-150 wineries within one hour of Portland. Check for a list with info and links. That can give you a look at wineries hours, what they make and how that fits in with your schedule and palate. I would recommend searching this folder for extensive discussions and reviews on Portland restaurants. Also try for further discussion/reviews and links to restaurant sites. There is a ton of easily available info here and a couple other places. Make an itinerary and let us know what you have come up with!

        1. There is a great restaurant called Jory at the Allison Inn that you might consider while you are in the wine country (Newberg). It is a great place to go back to and settle in for an evening meal, especially if you are staying there...

          There are lots of wineries, as others have mentioned, but sticking to the Yamhill/Carlton/McMinnville/Dundee areas is your best bet for wineries PLUS evening dinner options.

          Once you settle on your accommodations, let us know so we can advise you better on specific winery/dining options.

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          1. re: cobpdx

            Thanks! We are still deciding on which area we are going to stay. Leaning towards Newberg, Carlton, or McMinnville.

          2. I'll speak to Wine Country as I spend a ton of time down there. Here's my list in no particular order, it all depends what kind of mood you are in.

            Thislte: In McMinnville, great food, my favorite spot there, go early for a cocktail, best bartender in the State!
            Recipie: In Newberg, solid food, always consistent and delicious, great for lunch or dinner
            Ruddick Wood: Newberg, New place, nice group of young guns started this place and just recently opened. They know their stuff and are doing great things. One of the few places opened late.
            Dundee Bistro: Again consistent great food, killer wine list
            Red Hills Market: Dundee. Great lunch spot also breakfast, great wood fired Pizza
            Jory as mentioned above is about as gourmet as you can get in that area, good but honestly not one of my favorites, especially for the $$
            Henry's in Carlton: Food cart with seriously awesome food, check their hours as they are open at different times depending on time of year. Best food and value in the valley and great guy in Joseph and great girl in Katie
            Walnut City Kitchen, Communtity Plate both very good.
            Lots of choices for two days, you will eat well and drink incredible wines, the 2012's will be out by then and they are killer!!

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