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Dec 30, 2013 07:35 PM

Cooking with Indian Pickle/Relish?

Ok I found a great thread on here for ways to cook with chutney. Some great ideas. However, we had Indian food for Christmas this year, and I bought a wide range of Indian pickle/relish. Not the same as chutney. Whereas chutney is a sweet spicy savory mix, pickle/relish is much less sweet and more spicy. I LOVE patak's chillie pickle... but I decided to mix it up and try out some new varieties...bad idea. Other brands were not as good, and even Patak's mixed relish isn't to my liking as much as the chillie pickle is. Chillie pickle I just us like Indian hot sauce to spice up my meals. Here is one example:
I also have a mango pickle and a chilli pickle.
Anyone have suggestions what I could do with this???

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  1. With the lime pickle, I mix it with yoghurt to make a dip for vegetables or chips - I suspect the others would work the same way.

    1. I make chutney and pickles, as well as buy products from the Asian shops. But I don't do anything by way of creative cooking with them and really just use them, as generally intended, as accompaniments to dishes.

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        I usually keep a jar or two around for it's intended purpose. Problem is I have FOUR full jars leftover from the holidays! (They were not a hit with the rest of my family.) I will never use those up in a timely manner. Plus I know I love chilli pickle best, so I know I will just use that as a basic condiment...

      2. I keep jars of both Patak's Mixed Pickle and SWAD's brand chundo pickle in the fridge year around.(I'm USA based.)

        Aside from putting it in yogourt or sour cream along with spices to make a nice cream dip, I just use it straight as a condiment.

        Samosas and garlic naan come to mind and done regularly.

        I also have a local Chinese restuarant that does dim sum and I buy quantities of a baked flaky crust pastry they make that is filled with chicken cooked in yellow Madras curry and other items. Works well with either chutney.

        For the Major Gray's mango chutney I keep around, I use that on samosas, as well as jamacian meat pies as well as fresh fried chicken empanandas I get from my local mercado/taqueria.

        Mango chutney and sour cream/cream as seperate but complimentary condiments= OMG!.

        Baked or pan friend samosas of choice are pretty easy to make at home.

        Reheated/fried papadam also works well with the Patak pickles.
        I'd also bet it would be good as a spread if you were doing a curried chicken salad on a crossiant. Spread on like mayo or mustard. Adds a littel zest.

        Hmmmm...I'll have to think harder about this one and get back. :-)

        1. I'm not the only one on a quest!

          Made some deviled eggs today with the mixed pickle for tonight's NYE happy hour I'm hosting. They are awesome! Deviled eggs with a zesty kick, but not overly spicy.

          Planning to make baked samosas to serve with some of the leftover chutney (yes I also have two jars of chutney in addition to the pickles!). And to use some chutney on baked squash as well.

          The Patak's chilli pickle jar suggests making a yogurt dip with it. I will probably do that with the non-Patak's chilli pickle I have for this evening's affair.

          The back of the mixed pickle jar (Patak's) also suggest mixing into potato salad. Won't be doing that tonight, but thought I'd put it out there. However, this recipe did not come up with I searched the Patak's website for recipes using key word "mixed". I wish they had recipes listed by product on their website!

          Thanks for the suggestions everyone - keep 'em coming! A tablespoon or two at a time will still require quite a few more recipes before the jars are used up :)

          1. Use them as a sandwich spread! I made a simple sandwich on crusty bread with brie, spinach, the mango pickle and it was very good.