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Dec 30, 2013 07:01 PM

Exquisite on Church - how is the Jamaican there?

I was going to order bunch of takeout: jerk chicken, oxtail, escovitch, etc.

I'm asking particularly about there beef patties, good, good enough, or avoid? I'd like to get it all in one place, but if it's no good, I can go some place else.

As well, if there's another place mo'better overall? I got the jerk chicken there once, thought it was really excellent. And anything else is good to get or avoid and Exquisite?

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    1. re: villainx

      Haven't been there but they have a good reputation. Why don't you try it and report back? Won't break the bank

    2. Have only had the BBQ and jerk chicken which were both excellent. The vegetables were not exquisite (haha). Tell us about the rest!

      1. Chicken was still excellent, flavorful and juicy. Curry goat was so so, oxtail was good (a little on sweet side), the mac and cheese was good (nice cheesy crust/top), escovitch was ok, & lo mien was surprisingly good.

        The beef patties were not made in house. I didn't try, but the folks who did said it was respectable (and at everything I bought).

        Their sauces (get your rice topped with oxtail gravy) are all decent - the hot/habanero sauce is really good.

        Anyway, good place for jerk chicken with oxtail as decent switch it up or share option. But definitely the chicken.