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Dec 30, 2013 06:48 PM

Where to find Red Jalapeños & Red Serrano peppers?

Does anyone know where I can buy red jalapeño and red serrano chile peppers in LA? Preferably on the east side? I've found Fresno peppers at Whole Foods. And green chiles are everywhere. But I can't seem to track down red jalapeños and red serranos. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. i see red jalapenos all the time at sprouts and super king. not sure about red serranos.

    1. I see red jalapeños all the time at Vons. I haven't seen red serranos.

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        Same here at my Von's Pacific Palisades on PCH~
        Red jalapeños, but no serranos

      2. I found both at the Northgate supermarket on the corner of Prairie and Rosecrans.

        1. Vallarta Market...various locations.
          I don't know for sure, but they always seem to have an abundant supply of peppers.

          1. my understanding is that these peppers continue to ripen if simply left at room temperature. don't know if they get sweeter like they would still on the vine though.