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Dec 30, 2013 06:37 PM

Jersey Shore BBQ

My husband and I had the opportunity to dine here last week. We were in Avon picking up the most delicious macaroons (The Macaroon Shop) for Christmas, and were thrilled to see what everyone raves about.

The raves are right, JSBBQ is pretty darn good. Here is what we ate:

Complimentary: Freshly fried tortilla chips w/sea salt and pico de gallo. The pico was spicy hot and soooo good we couldn't stop eating it.

Apps: Chili topped with mac and cheese. $7.00Meaty, perfect heat, bit of smoke.
Pork belly-$8.00huge portion, could only finish half of it. Very juicy, but be warned if you are fat phobic, half is fat.

Entrees: Rib Sampler-3 Baby Back ribs, 3 St. Louis ribs, mac and cheese, collards greens, cornbread. $20.00 The ribs were great. Not dry at all with visible pink smoke ring, they were meaty and tender. The Baby Backs had a bit more chew than the Louis but the Louis' excelled. I would order all St. Louis next time. The mac and cheese was the standard shells with American/Cheddar. Creamy, not grainy and perfectly acceptable. The collards came with big chunks of pork but were too watery to have much discernible flavor.

Three meat sampler- Pulled Pork, Burnt Ends and Baby Back Ribs. Baked beans and potato salad. $20.00 The pulled pork was nicely moist and flavorful because they kept in the fat and pork skin. The burnt ends very smoky and not over cooked or crunchy. The beans had a dominant taste of molasses, my husband loved them. The potato salad had bacon and a little bit of heat. Excellent. The cornbread was light, not dense and slightly sweet, we liked it. The also serve half sour homemade pickles with all the meals.

They offer a few different BBQ sauces on the tables. There is a vinegar sauce, a traditional sauce, a very hot sauce and a dipping type mayo based sauce for their onion rings. We felt all the ribs stood up well on their own, without any added sauces. We took home half the pork belly and half of each our entrees.

The prices are a bit high for BBQ, but you certainly receive alot of food for your money. We were too full for dessert but there were some interesting choices. See the picture for options. I should've asked if they were housemade, but didn't, sorry. The server and manager? Both came over multiple times to be sure everything was okay and see if we needed anything. The service was excellent. They accept credit cards. The restaurant is located in a storefront in a strip mall and there is plenty of parking. We would not hesitate to go back or recommend Jersey Shore BBQ to anyone.

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  1. Oops forgot a picture or two

      1. I found the pork belly to be pretty lean as compared to dishes at other places, smoking it renders most of the fat

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        1. re: roro1831

          Really? Not this, it was split, a 1" cube of fat on one side and the same of meat on the other the entire length. I am not fat phobic at all but I could easily see someone who is passing out of they were served this.

          1. re: Jerseygirl111

            Had it had fat like that my wife would not have eaten it and she loved it

            1. re: roro1831

              I wish I had taken a picture of it after I cut it. I am not that familiar with pork belly so I don't know if my portion was unusual. Don't get me wrong, it was fine, very tasty, but obviously bacon is very fatty so it wasn't unexpected.

        2. Very nice review and report.....but i have to ask...what's up with the small straight plates? It looks like you can't move your food around and I'd rather eat off straight butcher paper.

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          1. re: fourunder

            Thanks, but it's much more difficult to find different words to describe your food than I expected. Everytime I asked my husband what he thought of something the answer was, "It as so good!" Lol

            The dishes were actually quite large. There was no problem moving the food around. Don't you find butcher paper too messy? And fyi, they do give you a boneyard.

            1. re: Jerseygirl111

              As a rule, I don't eat on paper in the home...but out, it doesn't bother me for something like BBQ or a Lobster/Bake or sandwiches.....Breakfast eggs....that's another story.

              1. re: fourunder

                I have only ever seen it at crab/lobster shacks. Eggs? Oh dear...

          2. I've been twice now with mixed results. The first time was good and the second time not so much. Both times the ribs were decent although I would have preferred they came out dry instead of sauced up. The pork belly was awesome the one time I had it. The brisket was a complete disaster. I ordered a sampler and the brisket was hiding under the two types of ribs. There was very little pieces of shredded meat surrounded by gobs of fat. I do prefer my brisket a little on the fatty side, but it is usually sliced nicely with the fat running through the meat. This was almost like they purposefully pulled most of the meat away and slapped down the fat and bark. The collards and other sides weren't very memorable not terrible, not great.

            I was really excited after my first visit, but walked out the second time feeling very disappointed. I'm from the south so I know it is hard to find BBQ here that compares to parts down there. I don't get overly snobby about it like many of my southern frenemies, but the second visit was pretty disgusting. I'm not giving up yet because I also had a good meal there so maybe it was just an off night. At least they aren't boiling and/or baking their ribs and trying to pass it off as BBQ. I was shocked by this when I moved up here over a decade ago.

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            1. re: LifeGeek

              Thanks for sharing your experience! Hope it was just a one off.

              1. re: Jerseygirl111

                Me too. I am normally not such a hater, but wanted to share my experience to see if others had any issues. I'm not giving up on the place because I think it has huge potential. But with BBQ, consistency is a big component of success.

                1. re: LifeGeek

                  Have you tried Local Smoke up the road in Neptune City? More of a BBQ joint than a sit-down place.


                  1. re: equal_Mark

                    Yes, I tried local smoke too. The day I went was also mixed. The pulled pork was really good. The brisket and ribs were really dry almost like they were reheated in a microwave. I've been meaning to give it another try given the rave reviews.