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Dec 30, 2013 05:30 PM

South End on Abbot Kinney (sort of) - brief report

Has anyone else tried this new pizza and wine bar yet? We really enjoyed it. Tiny space in the mini-mall with Wacky Wok, the Massage Place, etc. I say sort of on AK because even though that's the address, the entrance is around the corner off of Marr St. Per EaterLA, chef is Frank Fermin (chef di cucina at Pizzeria Mozza) and owner/sommelier is Mario Vollera (Piccolo Venice, Barbershop). Bartender and owner were both super friendly and generous with the tastes of wine. I'm no expert on the various permutations of artisanal pizza, but I would describe theirs as a bit more substantial and bready than Gjelina or Stella Rosa, for example. Not a bad thing in my book. Toppings were high quality and balanced, and the dough had a nice chew and a bit of sweetness that I couldn't quite place. Very happy to have this new addition to the hood.

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  1. Very good! Room is loud and dark, but the pizzas and salads were superb. Location is indeed hard to find - you are at the back door if you use your GPS.

    1. I have been a couple of times and really enjoy the wine selection and the pizzas--definitely a worthy contender in the dough wars. I have yet to try the tarts, though I noticed on my most recent visit they were only offering two now but had increased the number of pizza preps. Very friendly and engaging owners.

      1. I saw this report this morning and added their website just below this post but I may as well add it here too.

        1. Thanks for the report. Mario also made pizzas at the late Antica Pizzeria. A Mozza/Antica combo can't be bad.

          1. This place is really good. The onion and brie tart is one of the best things I've eaten recently. The pizza I had was excellent. Really loved the crust. A+