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Dec 30, 2013 04:14 PM

Disappointing meal at University Teddy's

. . . so here is what I wrote to them

I've been a Teddy's customer since you were on Monsarrat and always been pleased, until today. I've been on a diet since September, but this week I've let myself have a few treats. A burger at Teddy's was one of them. I ordered a bigger blue cheese and bacon burger, fries and a chocolate malt. They told me they were out of malted milk today. Ok, things happen. It took about 15 minutes, but the food came. No shake, but he said that would be up soon. The fries were fine. Not the best I've ever had from Teddy's, but nothing wrong with them. The burger was disappointing. The meat was very well done. Not burt, but cooked till it was dry as dust, with no flavor and a rubbery texture. The bacon was two limp anemic half strips, again rubbery and not even warm. What ever it was pretending to be blue cheese was some sort of coarse powder (the bottom of the barrel so to speak?) with about as much blue cheese flavor as a pair of old gym socks. Again completely dried out. The bun and other toppings were adequate. The service was OK, pleasant if not prompt. Would have been nice to get my shake before I was almost done with the meal, but it did eventually arrive. Still for a $16 meal, I was less than impressed. Fortunately I've had many good meals at Teddy's so i will be back. But many more meals like this and I won't be.

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  1. Hey KM, I feel for you. Especially since you've been so diligent diet wise and looking forward to treating yourself to a great meal. I'm also surprised since I've never had a bad experience at Teddy's, hopefully this was a one time glitch and nothing more.

    This hits me as well, since my family and I had a very bad experience over Christmas at one of our favorite neighborhood Chinese restaurants in Manoa. It was one of our go to places where we could always count on for a well prepared meal.

    We ordered a number of dishes and they all came out lukewarm, sloppily prepared like it was thrown on the plate and completely lacking in flavor, Now I can see that happening to maybe one dish on occasion but not all of them. I'm wondering if there was an ownership change or if the main cook left. Something was definitely amiss.

    Anyway, getting back to Teddy's since I got off topic, my son and I plan to eat there soon, so will let you know if our experience is good or not.

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    1. re: curiousgeo

      if we're thinking about the same restaurant, i was there for a graduation dinner during the summer and it was bad too
      almost like they changed chef/owners

    2. Sometimes diet can change your taste...for the better?

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      1. re: roro808

        Yes it can roro, I notice that some things are not as good as I remember, I've definitely noticed a difference in many items.

        But this was definitely a case of poor preparation. I added some blue cheese to an apple salad I made for Christmas, and it tasted even better than I remember, the blue cheese on this burger was tasteless. And food being overcooked and dried out is going to be overcooked and dried out either way. And bacon being cold and limp as opposed to warm and crisp, perhaps I would have been more tolerant before, but it still would not have been good.

        1. re: KaimukiMan

          I think you would do everyone a huge favor by posting your apple salad recipe! It was a treat to have it at my recent party! Folks would love to make it! Just saying'!

          The Teddy's here in Kaneohe was very good. Sorry to hear about your meal I know treating yourself should result in a good experience. I will await their reply when you let us know!

          1. re: manomin

            I'll post it here in an obscure location

            Kaimukiman's Adult Apple Salad

            2 crisp red apples
            2 crisp green apples
            1 asian pear
            dice all with skin on and let sit in some coconut rum (i.e. malibu) to prevent browning.
            1 package craisins
            1 package mixed dried tropial fruit
            let soak in rum for about a half hour.
            drain well, reserving rum. I use a salad spinner
            1 pound shelled pistachios or other nuts
            2 single serving container of meadow gold haupia yogurt.
            Some blue cheese to taste (optional, some people don't like blue cheese)
            Mix well.

            Rum can be saved for your next salad, or sipped while you are mixing the ingredients. put some back in the salad if you want, but it will get juicy as the fruit looses liquid.

            Substitutions are encouraged.

            P.S: the original recipe I came up with soaked the fruit in thawed orange juice concentrate and the yogurt was mandarin orange, and it had golden raisins instead of crasins. then one year i got creative and found some cointreau - delicious but fiscally impracticable … it evolved from there.

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              Thanks! Let's go to Teddy's here in Kaneohe sometime! Both of our burgers were what you'd expect from them. The fries were really good too. I can't have ice cream so I can't tell you how a shake or malt was.

      2. this is what i posted about teddy's university after i ate there this weekend in search of a chocolate malt:

        'just tried teddy's beretania. choc malt. i think they use haagen daz, tasted just like the malt i made at home. a great choc milkshake, but no hint of malt, the icecream's dusky flavor was overpowering to the poor malted barley.

        i have to say, teddy's burgers are much better than before! they did a fairly nice rare, the bun was light without being crumbly or spongy. onions, tomato, pickles, lettuce standard. sauce was good, no heavy mayo. overall the sandwich didn't just sit and stick in the gut and leave an oily feeling. we had the 7oz with fries and the malt, pricey at over $14.'

        the previous time i went there, it was terrible, but i really enjoyed the burger this visit.

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        1. re: indelibledotink

          thats been my experience in the past indelible. I'm hoping to get some kind of response to my complaint, have to wait and see.

        2. I received the following response from Teddys:

          Thank you for taking the time to let us know about your experience at the Teddy's Bigger Burgers University location. I am sincerely sorry about your last visit. Though we always strive to give the customer the best experience possible, unfortunately on some occasions we do not excel. I brought up your experience to our management team and reinforced the importance of taking the time to ensure every order is up to out Teddy's Quality Standards.
          To make it up to you Don, I'd like to buy your next lunch or dinner. If you give us another chance, we'll cook you any combo with a shake on us. Just tell the cashier at the University location you're in the Comp Log and they'll take care of the rest. I know you may be on a diet now but when you're ready just let us know.
          We apologize and can't wait to see you again. Thank you for taking the time to write us and bringing this issue to our attention. Please don't hesitate to let me know there is anything not up to our Teddy's Standards.

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          1. re: KaimukiMan

            did you email them?

            i didn't know your name is don. i'm mike, btw.

            1. re: KaimukiMan

              Good for them, I think this was a proper response to a repeat customer and I hope your next visit there will be a much better one.

              I just got back from Teddy's in Hawaii Kai since we were out Costco way. My burger came out cooked medium as requested, and was moist, juicy with just the right amount of char. The toppings were fresh and it was a tasty burger. My son had a Western, also cooked medium and he enjoyed it. We shared an order of fries that came out hot and crispy. Our experience was as we expected, although I was a bit apprehensive after your last outing, but all went well.

              1. re: KaimukiMan

                Very nice. I hope you go! They should have offered you to come with a friend like Neiman's did!

              2. Wolfgang's Burger Lunch Special $10- is IMO 10x better..

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                1. re: russkar

                  Although their fries are a pile of cardboard that should not be eaten.

                  1. re: russkar

                    wehre do you park to get to wolfies?

                    1. re: indelibledotink

                      Royal Hawaiian Shopping Center parking - w/ validation free for 1st hr, then $1/hr for next 3 hrs.

                    2. re: russkar

                      Is that the chain Wolfgang Puck's? I want a grab and go; which Teddy's should I go to? I'll be all over the island but mainly in Waikiki.

                      1. re: itryalot

                        nope wolfgang zwiener
                        i think he worked at peter luger's and then started his own steakhouses

                        teddy's is at the diamond head end of waikiki
                        but also all over the island