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Dec 30, 2013 04:13 PM

chinatown BYOB rest??

any recommendations.. would like to bring a Nice aged Reisling

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  1. From my past experiences, all of them are BYOB. If there are any doubt, just come in and speak to the staff (a few dollars corking fee might resolve any concerns). Thus I recommend you pick a restaurant solely based on how you like their food.

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    1. re: diprey11

      yah agree with diprey, most have beer, but if you want anything else then i think thats correct

      1. re: Lau

        Lau - reads your blogs love your reviews what do you recommend.. love all types of food.. my mate cannot eat seafood thou

        1. re: muskie


          ok so no seafood, how many people do you have? and anything in particular you want?

          1. re: Lau

            just 2 game for anything to go with some nice Riesling! looking at late lunch 2pm ish. staying in LES if that helps but open to going into chinatown anywhere

            1. re: muskie

              here's a bunch of places keeping in mind you guys dont eat seafood

              yunnan kitchen: stick to what i got although i think its only open for dinner

              china blue: maybe try china blue? haven't been there yet but looks promising and it won't be a total crap hole

              noodle village: i've been liking noodle village lately. get their dumplings, spicy fish balls, cuttlefish ball noodle soup, decent wonton noodle soup, clay pot rice is decent

              fung tu: havent been here, but looks kind of interesting

              cafe hong kong: i like cafe hong kong, but the alot of the good dishes have seafood

              spicy village

              ny noodletown

              its kind of sad, im starting to run out of places to tell people of where to go in chinatown bc the quality is falling fairly rapidly, its always for like single dishes now

    2. Agree with previous most anywhere will let you BYO.

      Except for congee village.

      What is your aged reisling? I love reisling- esp with chinese food- yet i don't see many aged bottles. Please update us on how it is and where you eat!
      Happy new year