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Dec 30, 2013 03:59 PM

Loa Angeles - Tierra Sur/26

Anyone been to Tierra Sur or the nerw 26 Restaurent recently? What do you reccomend there?

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  1. Heard good things about 26, and I would eat anywhere Todd presides. I had a good meal, Lunch with a groupon coupon, there last year, and it was impressive, even without Todd.

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    1. re: ganeden

      is todd still there? I heard he took over cusine at pomegranate supermarket in brooklyn

      1. re: koshergourmetmart

        Really? They have a pretty appetizing display and seems lie there's some new items

        1. re: kosherfoodie1226

          26 is in on Pico, a few blocks east of Robertson. Previously was a high-end dairy restaurant, switched to meat a few months ago. The menu was designed by Todd Aarons, formerly of Tierra Sur.

      2. Tierra Sur is fantastic! Was there twice last year, once in the winter, second time in the summer. Both times had the chorizo flatbread appetizer. There arent a Ton of mains, but there's a steak, a chicken, fish, and a few other choices. The sides that come with the mains are local and seasonal. (The burger is not on the dinner menu, but they will make it upon request- it's delicious!!!)

        Both times we went early- 6:30- as it's a drive from LA.

        I would definitely recommend it. And listen to the waiters! They really know their stuff and their recomendations are excellent,

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        1. re: cheesecake17

          Thanks! Just changed my 26 reservation to ditmas kitchen the newest restaurant in la. Still going to tierra sur on Thursday!

          1. re: israelbound

            Tierra Sur is just a must no matter what. We are building a short vacation around it.

          2. Went to Tierra Sur recently for lunch with a group of 5. We split all 6 platillos. My favorite was the spinach-artichoke. Had a little bit of wasabi in it that I loved. Then I got the tostada with tuna as fish of the day. Very, very good. In my experience you can't go wrong with anything on the menu. Haven't been to the new 26 but if you go, let us know how it is.

            1. Heard good things about Ditmas too.

              1. Sorry I didn't come back sooner, we went to ditmas kitchen on New Year's Eve the food was good but not amazing and the menu was limited. I think if they work on quality it could be a great overall dining experience. Tierra sur was great