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Dec 30, 2013 02:54 PM

Looking for conch meat

Hey folks -

I'm hoping to make a Bahamanian dinner this weekend, but I'm struggling to track down conch meat. I've gone up and down the aisles at Fubonn with no luck, and have also checked out the Caribbean Spice market in NE Portland.

Any other suggestions? If I get desperate, I could sub crawfish, but I haven't readily seen that around, either.

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  1. Knobbed or Perverse Welks are a good substitute for the Queen Conch on our East and Gulf Coast. Like the Queen, the meat has to be tenderized. I believe its illegal to harvest Queen Conchs in the US.

    1. No conch in the US, mudcat is right. The conch farm in Providenciales, Turks & Caicos, exports it here frozen in 5 pound boxes for about $65. You'll need to check with large, upper end fish markets. I don't know if there are any sources in your area that carry it. A longshot at best, maybe a restaurant supplier. Get crackin'!

        1. re: cobpdx

          My local Korean Supermarket sells it frozen

          Sunnyvale CA

        2. Update. The seafood section in the Pulix Supermarket on Newbury Road between Newbury and Gainsville, FL had fresh Conch this past Wednesday. It came from Belize.

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          1. re: mudcat

            Queen conch season in Belize for 2014 may run through June. This years quota is 1.1 million pounds. If the quota is reached before the end of June, the season will be closed early. That has been the case the last 3 years, as much as 2 months early.
            Get it while you can!

            1. re: mudcat

              Mudcat, how much was it retailing for, and did it appear to have been cleaned (all edible meat)?

              1. re: Veggo

                I did not check the price. It was all edible meat but had not been pounded.

            2. The price of the conch meat I wrote about earlier was around $13.00/lb. May have been the same conch I viewed in the showcase a couple weeks ago. I do not recommend it.