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Dec 30, 2013 02:43 PM

Best Restaurant Meal in 2013 ?

Similar to the discussion on the LA board - what was our best restaurant meal in 2013 (in SD and outside of SD)

For us in SD: TBL3 followed by a recent tasting menu at Kitchen 1540

Everywhere else: Atelier Crenn followed by two different nights at Commis (at the recent one we also met Chef Martinez (formerly of Rancho Valencia and 1500Ocean) who is now CdC)

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  1. Corazon de Tierra, one of the three (er-four) times I went.

    1. Robata-ya Oton (with a special Matsutake tasting course)

      1. Shepherd's pie at Dan Diego's.

        1. SD - Societe's "In The Barrel" dinner with Alchemy

          Elsewhere - The Tippling Club in Singapore. Perfect fusion of East & West and Traditional & Modernist. Plus a fantastic pairing menu of great cocktails, wine and beer.

          1. A Filet-O-Fish meal at the McDonalds on Palm St. near the Mexican border.

            We were hungry and the wait was long that day.

            I am not being ironic; the meal satisfied and sustained us.

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              ipse, coding - chow - 'filet-o-fish" - coding - chow, "Where are those McDonald's tunnels?