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Best Restaurant Meal in 2013 ?

Similar to the discussion on the LA board - what was our best restaurant meal in 2013 (in SD and outside of SD)

For us in SD: TBL3 followed by a recent tasting menu at Kitchen 1540

Everywhere else: Atelier Crenn followed by two different nights at Commis (at the recent one we also met Chef Martinez (formerly of Rancho Valencia and 1500Ocean) who is now CdC)

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  1. Corazon de Tierra, one of the three (er-four) times I went.

    1. Robata-ya Oton (with a special Matsutake tasting course)

      1. Shepherd's pie at Dan Diego's.

        1. SD - Societe's "In The Barrel" dinner with Alchemy

          Elsewhere - The Tippling Club in Singapore. Perfect fusion of East & West and Traditional & Modernist. Plus a fantastic pairing menu of great cocktails, wine and beer.

          1. A Filet-O-Fish meal at the McDonalds on Palm St. near the Mexican border.

            We were hungry and the wait was long that day.

            I am not being ironic; the meal satisfied and sustained us.

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              ipse, coding - chow - 'filet-o-fish" - coding - chow, "Where are those McDonald's tunnels?


            2. A toss up between birthday dinners.....Chopahn (mine) vs Fogo de Chao (husband).

              1. Christmas Eve dinner at Solare (special menu for the occasion)

                Elsewhere--pasties and salad at Sloco Pasties in San Luis Obispo.

                1. I can't think of a single memorable restaurant meal in San Diego this year. How sad is that? We didn't dine out much this year though, I did a lot of cooking. I did enjoy Son of a Gun in LA quite a bit - we went three times. My best and most memorable restaurant meal of 2013 though, was a perfect pasta pomodoro at Da Adolfo, on the beach in Positano.

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                        Ha - So is Corazon de Tierra! Actually I'm just jealous since I haven't made it down there yet. More MX travel is def on the list for 2014!

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                          Bah. 90 mins, no plane ride. Closer than going north to LA, Carlsbad and Oceanside.

                          Counts as San Diego.

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                            Corazon de Tierra counts as San Diego? I guess you are being funny. The last two times we've been down there, we've had a 3 hour border wait crossing back. Maybe we were unlucky, but it's been a serious deterrent to more trips. Just applied for Sentri and if it comes through, we'll be heading down more often.

                            Also - nobody claimed Positano counts as San Diego. Honkman's original post asked about meals inside and outside SD.

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                              Me? Funny?

                              Go though Tecate! I agree if I had to go through TJ, I'd never go.

                              Better yet, ride a motorcycle through Tecate. Border wait = 5 minutes, straight to the front of the line.

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                                Perhaps not now given the recent collapse of the scenic highway.

                                1. re: Fake Name

                                  Way beyond your 8 mile sphere of comfort.

                                  1. re: cstr

                                    Hold on- never said "sphere of comfort".

                                    Merely helped keep the definition of San Diego.

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                                    Tecate was the first three hour wait. Calexico was the second - but friends of ours went thru Tecate this time and had a 10 minute wait, so maybe things have changed. No Sentri there though.

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                                            But, I really am scared of rats.

                                            1. re: Gypsy Jan

                                              I think rats are the least of your worries.

                                              1. re: ipsedixit

                                                Yeah, it's spiders.

                                                But, I do know what you mean - people on their way through with their stuff.

                                        1. re: aliceqfoodie

                                          Tecate is a long, very long, maybe up to 5 hours, wait on Sunday beginning shortly before noon. Since the border station closes at 11 PM (and they are very efficient about slamming those gate shut at 11 PM) the line can also get long - an hour or more - on Friday and Saturday nights. Morning crossings up until about 9:30/10:00ish can also have a long wait, especially on Mondays, when people who live in Tecate but work in the U.S. cross to go to work. And then there are the days where it's long just because and there is no apparent reason.

                                          There is usually no wait to cross on foot. But that doesn't solve the problem of how to get to and from the Valle de Guadalupe and taxis are not nearly as plentiful at this crossing as they are at San Ysidro or Otay

                            2. State Bird Provisions in SF.

                              Locally, hmmm, Kaito Sushi with my newly adopted 3 year old son who tried everything placed in front of him with wonder and amazement and decided his favorite food is now uni and monkfish liver.

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                                Congratulations on your new addition. Sounds like you've got a budding foodie on your hands :-)

                                1. re: zmirzlina

                                  Our daughter was introduced to sushi at the same age and the look of amazement and wonderment on her face was priceless.

                                  Then, later, at school, her classmates ridiculed her for her interest in Japanese food and she refused to eat anything except chicken teriyaki for a very long time.

                                  Forward to the tweener years - a love of anime and other things Japanese brought her back to an interest in sushi - then our problem became a financial one - "Uhhmm, honey, we can't afford to eat sushi five times a week.".


                                  1. re: Gypsy Jan

                                    Yeah, running into that already. All he wants is sushi. Watching him eat reminded me of this great video of kids trying different foods for the first time...


                                2. A journey through the best that Sushi Tadokoro had to offer, guided early one evening by owner Takeaki Tadokoro. Exquisite. Sublime. Mind blowing. Worth every penny.

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                                    I second Tadokoro. One of our many omakases with Take was a night with 4 types of toro. It was fabulous. Love that place. Let the rest go to Ota or Kaito. Some of us know Tadokoro is best.

                                    Outside of SD, in Truckee we had a wonderful meal at Stella's. Sat outside at sunset and there was one delectable dish after another. Their twist on a bahn mi was one of many hits for the night.

                                  2. Pony Room at the Rancho Valencia Resort.
                                    Cheese Quesadilla w/guac at Super Sergio's..lusting for one right now!

                                    Red Salt in Poipu
                                    Lotus of Siam. .Vegas baby
                                    La Cave at the Wynn

                                    Aloha & Bonne Annèe

                                    1. omakase at sushi tadokoro
                                      Swordfish special at Luce

                                      Milos in Las Vegas

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                                        +1 on Milos -- best Greek outside of Greece. Will completely redefine your idea of the genre.

                                      2. Aji de Gallina at Q'ero in Encinitas

                                        Out of SD, finally, finally got a reservation at The French Laundry, and totally worth it.

                                        1. SD: Alchemy
                                          OSD: Montiel in Barcelona

                                          1. San Diego: Veladora

                                            Everywhere else: Carne asada tacos from Pat's Taqueria eaten at a picnic table on Hanalei Bay, eating our way through the Saturday Farmer's market in San Francisco's Ferry Building.