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Dec 30, 2013 12:40 PM

Bruno's on Fourth in Santa Rosa

I have not tried Bruno on 4th and thought DH and I would try it for NYE, but now I am a bit concerned given negative CH reviews from a few years back.

Has anyone been there-- in the last year or two -- that can provide feedback? Certainly gets a few stars on Y#l*P.


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  1. Well Bruno's on Fourth was a bit of a disappointment - it is amazing how one over-dressed dish can foil a nice dinner. Ambiance, lovely. Service efficient if a little rushed. Wine/drink list, highly limited but good value and selection albeit a very tiny list. We had two glasses each of Hook & Ladder's Tillerman blend.

    Started with special appetizer of shrimp cakes which were good but not really a cake, more like a shrimp salad inside a fried crust. A little more nuance and this could be a solid dish. Hub had the clam chowder which was acceptable if underspiced.

    I chose the almond-crusted salmon -- thank goodness. It was a very thin slice of salmon but it had a nice sliced almond coating and it was piping hot, more than I can say for the mashed potatoes. If you are going to bill your place as comfort food you better get your mashed potatoes right.

    The big disappointment (mess!) was the butternut-squash ravioli in garlic sauce. I opted not to get this dish since I have had the most sublime squash ravioli at Domenica's in New Orleans and I know it will be tough to live up to that experience.

    This was undercooked ravioli with a very bright orange filling drowning in "old-style" white cream garlic sauce. Honestly, I am not even sure the ravioli were made in house. Why else would you smother them?

    I could just tell when it came out it was not going to be very tasty but hub plowed through since he was hungry. $120 for two including tax and tip.

    Won't go back to B of 4th; sad because it is cute, convenient spot and the host waitstaff were very nice.

    Thankfully, we had my step-mom's amazing persimmon pudding to enjoy at home after a mediocre NYE dining experience.

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      Sorry to hear it wasn't better than this, but thanks for the update. As you say, it's known for comfort food and meatloaf rather than anything aspirational. I've not been there.

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        Thanks, Melanie.

        Have you been to Belly in Santa Rosa? I really need a new place!

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            DH and I are going to check it Belly out tomorrow for lunch/drinks. Will start a new post with our report.

            My hairdresser -- who has a similar palate to mine -- says all her clients have had positive comments on Belly.

            Here was the Bohemian's review from May: