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Dec 30, 2013 11:37 AM

Ingredients Section,

You have a beautiful and helpful list of ingredients in a database but there is no index on the site! These write-ups include massively helpful tips for choosing, prepping, and pairing ingredients.


It would be wonderful to see an index added as a new site feature. The database and the content is ALREADY present— even a simple alphabetical list would be wonderful. Plus, I like looking for things that I haven't heard of, I'm sure other users are the same.

Please please please create or something like it!

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  1. Seriously, there are 600+ helpful pages that are not made readily available. I'm sure a simple script could do the bulk of the work required.

    1. great catch! since without the ingredients/# there is no page to head to I think you've uncovered some random old section that no one cared to do much with.

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      1. re: HillJ

        I would really like to see them do something with the section (not delete it). Poke around and you'll find some valuable (unfortunately) hidden information.

        You can use google's search functions to accomplish it: [ingredient]
        but it is a cumbersome work around.

        1. re: acarlseen

          I'm not going to use it until CHOW decides what they want to use it for. The site owners should be the first to deem pages worthwhile.

          So yes, I hope something is done with the ingredient list in 2014.

          1. re: HillJ

            I will, they are published and accessible. I'm not sure I follow your logic about the site owners deeming pages worthwhile. The pages are fully– albeit inconveniently– accessible and useful.

            Also, you may notice that they link to the ingredients pages in some recipes. That's how I discovered them.

      2. Members have been asking for this for seven years now. A link to an earlier index disappears periodically and gets relocated, and it currently seem to be broken, hope that TPTB will fix it.