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Dec 30, 2013 11:28 AM

Singapore- Interesting place for dinner walking distance to Holland Village?

I'm going with my mom and two aunties to visit my uncle in Singapore. We are going to have dinner with him the night we fly in. Next day he is flying out to Tokyo so we can crash at his place for the week. He doesn't want to go anywhere too far from the house because he has to work and pack for his trip.

The problem is that he wants to take us to his local cze char, Two Chefs, which is around the corner and we've all eaten there. None of us are big fans, but one auntie has been many many times and would very much like to find another option. Any suggestions? I was thinking Crystal Jade in Holland Village.

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  1. Using your uncle's favourite place, Two Chefs in Commonwealth Drive, as a yardstick, dare I venture to say that your uncle is not exactly an adventurous eater? Sorry to say, but even by cze char standards, I find Two Chefs over-rated and its dishes pretty ordinary.
    If that's the case, maybe your choice of Crystal Jade in Holland V is a safe alternative.

    What would your uncle like to eat? Only Chinese food which is the same sort as Two Chefs'? Have you tried Westlake at Farrer Road, which is another oldie? It's not too far (Singapore is not that big anyway).

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      Would definitely prefer Asian, so thanks for the tip! To be frank, I think Two Chefs is expensive for what it is, and I am not a huge fan of their specialty, that powdered dairy meat dish. Just want to do something different from the usual that is in the neighborhood, and unfortunately Holland Village seems really heavy on expat food which doesn't really interest us.
      We haven't tried Westlake--I'll mention it to him and see how he feels about breaking his routine. Mustn't be rude as he is our host after all. He used to be more adventurous but he seems to have become a workaholic. Two Chefs primary appeal really does seem to be b/c it is literally around the corner from his apartment so he doesn't have to go somewhere that isn't work or home for food. He took me to Mellben once ages ago and I thought that was better than Two Chefs, but he disagreed.

      Not to worry--we're going to be in Singapore for a week then in Saigon for a few days. Plenty of time for excessive eating. So far, I'm planning on Maxwell's (I have to go every time for a bowl of porridge and some of those tapioca sweets) and Old Airport Road, as well as places for fish head curry, bak kut the (the peppery kind), laksa, bak chor mee. Realistically, I need to come up with some nicer restaurants with aircon as well since my mom doesn't like the heat, hence Crystal Jade.

      I saw a thread on the board about Candlenut, which seemed like a possibility but uncle nixed it for distance.