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Dec 30, 2013 10:06 AM

Tagine help, please!

I received a Mason Cash Ceramic fully glazed tagine as a Christmas gift...with no instructions, beyond "not for use on a hob". ( I am thinking a hob is a stove top element for a gas oven?). Questions abound and I have not had an email response from manufacturer.

Amazon.UK does have some reviews of this item and it seems that you cannot put it in an oven beyond Mark 4, without risking cracking. or at minimum crazing. But I could braise this dish slowly in the oven at 300 degrees, so that might be okay...with a cookie sheet underneath in case of disaster?

Or should I treat this strictly as a serving dish?

I am marinating a couple of pounds of good lamb shoulder in Moroccan spices and plan to cook it with shallots, dates and honey...if necessary I can simply treat as a stew and oven-braise in my trusty Le Creuset and serve in the fancy tagine.

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    1. Oven safe up to 350 °F.

      1. You're correct about what we Britons call a hob - it's the elements or burners where we would use a frying pan, etc. Mine is an electric ceramic hob, separate from the oven

        1. Tagines are not oven cookware, they are traditionally heated from the bottom. I have a few different ones both glazed and unglazed and I've used them on both gas and electric stoves. The unglazed does need a flame tamer on electric though.

          I'm not familiar with that brand other than a quick google search which left me scratching my head as to their use instructions.