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Dec 30, 2013 09:27 AM

New to Providence's West End - Looking for hidden gems

My BF and I just moved to the West Side of Providence and want to explore our local dining establishments. The neightborhood is somewhat iffy, but we are brave souls(or wouldn't have moved here). We are lifelong RIer's so I'm hoping for some local, hole-in-the-wall advice. I just can't wit until the weather breaks to explore more on foot. All cusines are acceptable but particularly authentic Chinese (think dim-sum) and I'd like to learn about all variaties of Latin American. Also, it seems all the local convienence stores offer hot any advise there would also be most welcome. Thanks to all.

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  1. Hi Holly_Penguin. The West Side is an excellent area for eating. We don't live in the city, but we seem to find ourselves up on the West Side almost every weekend. There are many places to discuss, but here's a grab bag.

    Nick's on Broadway
    500 Broadway
    Famous for brunch, great for dinner; I recommend the chef's tasting menu.

    Broadway Bistro
    205 Broadway
    Feels like a real neighborhood spot, bone-sticking homey food, good value

    318 Broadway
    Good for brunch, not my favorite for dinner, superior selection for beer

    Loie Fuller's
    1455 Westminster Street
    Lovely ambiance, classic but unchanging French menu

    Mi Ranchito
    1516 Westminster
    Guatemalan/central American, very good

    Phoenix Dragon
    256 Broadway
    Dim sum

    The Grange/Chicory
    166 Broadway
    Excellent vegetarian dining and exciting bar, brunch, late night snack, Stumptown Coffee

    3 Luongo Memorial Square
    Tiny hidden Asian-inflected restaurant; totally delish

    The Avery
    18 Luongo Memorial Square
    Hidden bar across the street from North

    94 Carpenter Street
    Great breakfast/brunch, extremely limited seating

    Seven Stars Bakery
    342 Broadway
    West Side outpost of the Providence baking institution

    11 Olneyville Square
    underground speakeasy in olneyville square; awesome affordable drinks

    E&O Tap
    289 Knight Street
    Neighborhood divey bar, fun

    The Classic Café
    865 Westminster
    Breakfast, brunch, lunch in a diner environment

    White Electric Coffee
    711 Westminster Street
    Where the cool kids drink

    Pho Paradise
    337 Broad Street
    Serviceable Vietnamese

    New Wing Kee
    39 Central Street
    Awesome Chinese bbq

    El Rancho Grande
    311 Plainfield Street
    Always enjoy the Mexican here, great mole

    Haven't been to the new diner on Westminster, but it might be worth checking out. I'd love to hear what you think of it. Ditto for the Vietnamese bakery at 310 Broad Street. There are probably even more great spots. Hopefully someone else can share some of them!

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      Thanks for the great list. Thinking about grabbing drinks tonight at Justines and Phoenix Dragon take-out tomorrow night for NYE. I did a gift certificate thing for Christmas present. Nick's on Broadway was one of them so we will definately go there soon. Also John's NY System, Rico Sazon II, Tina's Carribean and about a dozen other I can't think of just now.