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Dec 30, 2013 09:23 AM

Best steak in Boston area?

I'm not much of a steakhouse person (since we do great steaks at home) but we have a request for a steak dinner for a January birthday and the grill may or may not be covered in snow. Have been to Grill 23, Capital Grille, Met (Chestnut Hill), and Mortons and none of those really seem worth the $$$$.

Any suggestions for something either less expensive (up to 50/person sans alcohol) or really worth what the above places charge?

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  1. I'm also not much of a steakhouse person, but have found Grille 23 good if you're going the steakhouse route.

    Another fun option that is slightly different than a standard steak house is Bogie's Place inside JM Curley.

    1. What about Eastern Standard? They do a very nice steak frites, and the price is not so bad compared to the big steak houses. Plus you have lots of other options if others don't want to eat steak.

      1. Bogie's Place is a small steakhouse, but I find the prices a bit more reasonable. Great room.

        1. Grill 23, Abe & Louis makes an excellent steak (& martini), Mooo. All 3 are in the top tier--Capital Grille is next. Lesser steakhouses are Smith & Wollensky & Ruth's Chris. Haven't been to Del Friscos or Mortons.

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            What makes the Abe & Louis martini notable?

            1. re: jgg13

              Abe & Louis does a traditional martini service at the bar (i.e. generously portioned martini placed in carafe and saved in slush-filled mini-bucket to keep any remainder chilled). When I have it, which is rarely, I enjoy it very much.

              1. re: marais

                Generously, but properly proportioned? And is it a proper martini or is it a kangaroo?

                1. re: jgg13

                  A proper martini or kangaroo was never mentioned. Just a generously portioned martini.

                  1. re: Infomaniac

                    It was stated that they made an excellent martini. I wanted to know how they defined an excellent martini, in particular if what they were defining as an excellent martini was even remotely a martini.

                    1. re: jgg13

                      Late reply to this: I define an excellent martini "ordered out" as being made with gin, with more fresh dry vermouth than most specify (meaning "wet" in a 3:1 ratio) and served with either an unstuffed olive, a lemon twist or a pickled cocktail onion (which makes it a Gibson) per personal preference. Abe & Louie's will make your martini to your specs if you let your bar pro know them, and will serve it with its excellent martini service.

          2. Prezza has a great wood grilled steak with sides for under $50.