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Dec 30, 2013 09:03 AM

Four generation brunch

Hello, I'm looking for a brunch spot in Cambridge or Boston for my daughter's second birthday. It needs to be both appropriate for a toddler, but also work for my husband's grandparents (in their 90s). I'd like something on the nicer side. Also, brunch will be Saturday morning. Thanks!

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    1. re: Taralli

      This was my thought as well. It's nice to bring your younger kids to a place where they can get up and play and it's OK. Even if they stay at the table, they have lots of toys and books to keep them busy, and the food is fairly sophisticated.

    2. Russell House Tavern in Harvard Square, which can be quite loud at night, is much calmer during Saturday brunch and would, I think, be the perfect place. The food is good, and they take reservations. The only issues are (1) parking, although if your husband's grandparents have a handicap placard, you can park right across the street, and (2) the main dining room is down a flight of stairs, but there is an elevator.

      1. I think Henrietta's Table would be perfect.
        If you haven't been to Full Moon, beware -- it's fun for kids because they have a playspace, but very loud and chaotic.

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        1. re: Pia

          Agreed, fine for the family of the toddler but the grandparents may find to it too loud and boisterous. I took my mom when my son was 3ish and she was in her '70's. She made me promise to never bring her back there, LOL.

          While many places don't fit the "nicer side" criteria we have always had the most success with generational meals doing dim sum. Something for everyone, kids are welcome and often spoiled and the price is reasonable.

        2. If you can go a bit beyond Cambridge, Tryst might work really nicely., The food is good, parking is nearby, and there is a Henry Bear's toy store right next door. They do Sat brunch and Sunday too.