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Dec 30, 2013 07:35 AM

Chinese restaurant in midtown east that was mentioned

in one of the recent threads. I read about it over the weekeend but I can't seem to find that post today. I believe the restaurant is in 50s...around Madison ave maybe though I could be wrong but it is definitely in midtown east.
I thought someone mentioned that they had really good appetizer ribs and had other interesting sounding items on their menu. I don't think they had lunch menu posted on their website.
Any idea because that's where I am planning on eating today. =)

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    1. Phew! Lunch is saved. Enjoy!

        1. what should I get? =)

          1. My coworker and I had general Tso's chicken, duck with ginger sauce and soup dumplings. All were good. I especially liked the sauce they used for the duck dish.
            A young Chinese couple who sat next to our table ordered some kind of whole fish with reddish sauce on top(sweet and sour maybe) and mafo tofu dish and left 80% of food. I had a stronge urge to dip my chopsticks in there but refrained...