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Dec 30, 2013 07:17 AM

Pick A Restaurant: Ann Arbor

I'm graduating from law school, and, as a gift, my father has offered me a gift certificate to a nice restaurant of my choice in Ann Arbor. The five he listed were:

Pacific Rim
The West End Grill

Of those, I've only been to Pacific Rim before, and I love it, but maybe I want to try something new? I am going to Logan during Restaurant Week in January (and could conceivably go to Vellum and/or Vinology -- West End Grill is the only one that doesn't participate in Restaurant Week, so maybe a point in its favor -- I probably won't get to eat there otherwise).

If you were picking between these, which would you go with? I'm pretty easy to please in terms of types of food, and I give a lot of weight to a great cocktail.

Note: I can also pick some other place if I want to, those were just the five he found on google or yelp or whatever. So if you think a different place is better than any of those, let me know! I've been unimpressed with the Chophouse, the Earle, and Grange though. Maybe part of the problem was going during Restaurant Week in past years (though I've had great RW dinners at Pacific Rim & Melange, so who knows).

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  1. Definitely West End Grill in my opinion. Just be sure to make reservations well in advance if you decide to go there.


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      I agree with BobRe on the West End. They just have such a nice menu and you feel like you've gone somewhere special. You do have to make reservations well in advance.

      I've had some unique dinners at Vinology, however the last time I was there I had a bad experience that I don't feel they handled well. It's also crowded and noisy which doesn't add to an overall great experience.

      1. Grange and maybe get the tasting menu. Or Mani and take your crew. See if they'll run over some blood orange margaritas from isalita for dessert. (Jk, sorta)

          1. Personally I would want to go to the Grange. But I think West End Grille would also be great since it is usually quite pricey.