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Dec 30, 2013 05:54 AM

Shrimp Trucks on Oahu

Why does everyone mention Giovanni's yet Macky's is supposedly #1 on the island?
If you have to eat shrimp (and we do), what are chowhounders's fave shrimp places on the island?

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  1. Giovanni's is (I think) the oldest and best known. Both Giovanni's and Macky's have good reputations, as do Romy's and Fumi's. Romy's and Fumi's are allegedly the only two that raise their own shrimp, they are stands, not trucks. If you aren't up to a drive to the North Shore, Blue Water has a couple of trucks around Honolulu. Opinions differ on whether they are as good as those on the North Shore.

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      Thanks; we're going to take a better part of one day to drive around most of the island. Maybe I should look at the two that raise their own shrimp.

      1. re: itryalot

        They cook imported shrimps; not necessarily locally raised. Just FYI

        1. re: roro808

          one of the various links I found about a year ago said that both Romy's and Fumi's raise their own shrimp, unlike the rest that use imported and/or local shrimp depending on availability.