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Dec 30, 2013 05:19 AM

Foodie souvenir shopping - nuts, dried fruit, coffee, spam, liquor

We'll have a car and want to pick up foodie souvenirs on our last day along with a bottle or two of liquor. We'll be all over the island on a tour and will also be on Maui.
1. We don't want to lug around items on the flight to Honolulu unless Maui is significantly less expensive and there are items that we can't get on Hawaii. Honolulu won't be more expensive than Maui would it (liquor purchase)?

2. If you had to choose two of the following for the other foodie items, which is it (price is a factor).
Other that I don't know about?

We have to buy for several foodie relatives and friends and want to get items we can't get on the mainland.

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  1. I am one who tries to avoid Walmart when possible, but they do have a good selection. Longs and ABC for me. But it also depends on what you want to buy.

    1. Where are you from?

      I live in CA and learned many years ago , I can purchase many Hawaiian souvenirs locally and for similar prices.

      Maybe things have changed since Long's is no longer a CA based store.

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      1. re: Alan408

        I hear Long's is like CVS. I am from the Midwest. Costco has the giant bag of Mauna Loa (sp?) macadamia nuts and same brand choc macadamia nuts, but they're too large to bring back as souvenirs for people. Maybe I should stick to coffee?

        1. re: itryalot

          CVS purchased Longs several years ago

          I brought back Mona Loa Nuts and Island Hula Girl Candies. A few months later I found the same items locally (CA). The nuts were even in the same gift

          Have a great trip, I still have a shot glass purchased at an airport gift shop.

      2. Try Hilo Hattie's. Huge souvenir selection at reasonable prices

        1. Generally, O'ahu/Honolulu will have similar or better prices than Maui, and better selection except for Maui-made products...but don't know any of those I'd recommend.

          ABC would probably be the most expensive, and like K-Man I avoid WalMart.

          Costco has carried a local fish (ahi) jerky...not available at Long's, and usually has a local coffee at a good price. Good selection of macnuts w/wo chocolate at competitive prices. Spam only packaged in batches there, and the types are the same as available on the Mainland. You probably need to go to a supermarket or ABC for a Hawaii-themed can.

          Don't know what liquor you would want as souvenirs ... maybe Koloa Rum, which is vastly superior to other locally produced rums, and at a good price at Costco.

          The best liquor and wine selection is at Tamura's in Kaimuki...a number of different local rums, including Koloa. They have local wines, none of which I would recommend for drinking, but if having labels saying made in Hawaii is important, they are available.

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          1. re: macaraca

            Second Tamura's. Also they have a new location on Maui near OGG airport. Great poke counter, too.

            1. re: kathryn

              Here's their Hawaii-made liquor shelf. Hopefully the detail is enough that you can see the labels and prices. Took this about a week ago on Mauiz

              ABC usually has a pitiful liquor selection, we've found.

              1. re: kathryn

                Wow, thanks for the picture. Will have to study it a little.

          2. I'd buy the liquor on Maui if only because then it would only take one trip in my checked baggage, not two. I've had liquor break in my suitcase before despite being carefully wrapped.

            For inexpensive gifts, look for 99 cent jams and jellies at farmers markets perhaps? I found them at the one at 61 S Kihei Rd by Ululani's.

            I've also heard that the Cash & Carry in Maui has good deals, too. No membership required.

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            1. re: kathryn

              just remember, you can't take jams and jellies on the plane. Had a friend who had to get rid of 24 jars of homemade jam because "auntie" showed up at the airport to give them to him, and it was too late to check them. TSA would not let them go thru (rightfully so.) he lied to his auntie for 2 years about still enjoying the jelly. Some lucky cab driver got them in the end. He just walked out to the curb with them and gave them to the first person who was willing to take them.

              1. re: KaimukiMan

                The mini jams and jellies I found are 1 or 1.5 oz size, I can't recall. Shouldn't that be OK?

                1. re: kathryn

                  good question. i wasn't thinking of the ones that are that small. it might depend on how they are packaged. and of course they are ok in checked luggage.

                  Another place to check for local kine goodies is Wholesale Unlimited. Probably the best selection of 'crack seed' and the like around, although longs isn't bad. And many Longs are open 24 hours on Oahu.

                  1. re: KaimukiMan

                    Never heard of that place either. I'll probably stick to one or two places; don't want to spend too much time shopping with the beauty that is outdoors!